"The Week on Wednesday" with Van Badham & Ben Davison podcast

Episode 89: PM Albo and the gang of four, Liberal Leader Dutton, Murdoch media fails and democracy sausages

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Van Badham and Ben Davison examine the first few days of the Albanese Labor government as Albo and his gang of four are sworn in to start the transition after a decade of Liberal-National rule and so Albo can attend the regional security pact meeting known as "The Quad".

Van and Ben look at Labor's policy priorities between now and the end of the year, the make up of the parliament, the failure of the Liberal Party to hold any of the inner city Liberal "seat by rights" and what we will be looking for in the coming week as a full Ministry is sworn in next Wednesday.

The Liberal Party have wasted no time and are already back to ignoring the will of the people by giving Peter Dutton a coronation as new Liberal Leader.  Van and Ben discuss the how, why and what of the "not a monster", potato, pacific island disrespecting, searching Victorians on the street, not "very smart", "Extremist" who once handed out defence contracts to companies that didn't have any staff and is now the leader of the party founded by Menzies.

For the first time the Murdoch's backed a loser and we look at what the changing shape of media means in Australia.

Plus good news about democracy sausages and solar panels!

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