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Episode 87: Morrison demands workers take pay cuts, voting has started and the 3rd leaders debate

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Van Badham and Ben Davison look at why Morrison is demanding that Australian's accept pay cuts of $2,000 each as he rails against the idea that wages should keep pace with inflation.

Since Morrison responded to Albo's question on whether or not every worker should be paid the minimum wage with "it depends" the focus of the election has been on wages.

Workers in aged care, hospitals and education have all recently taken action to lift wages, Australian Unions have increased their minimum wage claim (don't forget to join your union for better wages and more secure work australianunions.org.au/join) and this week Albo responded to whether wages should keep pace with inflation, currently 5.1%, with "absolutely"

Van and Ben breakdown the facts, the evidence and the commentary on wages in Australia to see what's real, what's spin and whether there is anything government can actually do to increase wages. 

Spoiler there's lots governments can do, wage increases don't automatically create inflation and the people who say "nows not the time" say that all the time.

Voting has started with pre-poll opening to record numbers of early voters.  Ben and Van discuss why universal voting is important and how Morrison is cutting off thousands of Australian's from being able to vote.  With misinformation flying around social media and into letter boxes civil society forums and union sources of information are vital.

Luckily Van Badham is teaming up with Francis Leach, from On the Job, and Australian Unions to do a 3rd debate watch along TONIGHT (May 11th).  Thousands of people watched the fun loving crew during the 2nd debate and this one promises even more good times and great analysis.

This weeks good news is about offshore wind turbines and coral reefs and was sent to us by the Communications, Electrical, Plumbing Union of Australia (CEPU). 

Plus we give shoutouts to our www.buymeacoffee.com/weekonwednesday Cadre and Extending the reach supporters.

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