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The Single Greatest Choice

Katie B

The Single Greatest Choice is a podcast about singleness, fertility, motherhood, and choice. This is a show for women who are grappling with what to do when life doesn't follow the love-marriage-baby carriage trajectory. It's about exploring the options when things don't seem to be turning out as we'd always planned. Most of all, is a place for women give and receive support as they grapple with these big topics - because what we decide to do with these years could be the single greatest choice we'll ever make - and we don't have to make it alone.

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  • The Single Greatest Choice podcast

    S2 bonus: Sarah Parente, Sacred Work Doula

    55:15 IG: @sacredworkdoula
  • The Single Greatest Choice podcast
  • The Single Greatest Choice podcast

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  • The Single Greatest Choice podcast

    S2, episode 8: Pivoting and Another Listener Mini-Episode


    In this episode, I mention a few courses I am working through in my final weeks of pregnancy.  Here are links in case you are interested:The Real Deal Childbirth Education (local to Austin, but currently online via Zoom)The Positive Birth Company Hypnobirthing Digital PackBetter Birth Stories Online Hypnobirthing CourseAustin Born Infant CPR + Choking + Safety Course (online, on demand)Taking Cara Babies - First Five Months Bundle
  • The Single Greatest Choice podcast

    S2, episode 7: Talitha, Considering Solo Motherhood


    Talitha is a successful, single woman in her 30s who has always known she wanted to be a mom. She took proactive steps in her early thirties to preserve her fertility, but now that she’s into her mid-thirties, she’s questioning what’s next. Should she freeze more eggs? Maybe embryos? Keep searching for that partner and a more traditional route to motherhood, or start considering doing it on her own? Talitha is open and honest about the struggles of being in the midst of this difficult choice of what to do about our finite fertility when life doesn’t work out the way we planned. I know listeners will relate to her story, as it’s one many of us have lived as well. You can connect with Talitha on Instagram @talithabaker.
  • The Single Greatest Choice podcast

    S2, episode 6: Lindsay, SMC Foster to Adopt Momma


    Lindsay shares her story of choosing to pursue solo motherhood through the foster-to-adopt system in the Los Angeles area. Listen as she shares the ins and outs of the process, as well as her own thoughts and feelings about marriage, dating, solo parenting and more. Lindsay shares great tips and advice for anyone considering solo parenthood, whether through pregnancy, fostering or adoption. I know you are going to fall in love with her big heart and generous spirit. Thank you Lindsay for sharing your story! You can connect with Lindsay at: Instagram @mysocalledfosterlife
  • The Single Greatest Choice podcast

    S2, episode 5: Whitney Bischoff Angel, Egg Freezing Nurse Specialist + bonus minisode


    This week’s guest is Whitney Bischoff Angel, and egg freezing nurse specialist at Ova Egg Freezing in Chicago.  Fertility preservation is her career path, but it is also quite personal.  Whitney chose to freeze her own eggs back in 2013, and she used her experience on the reality TV series The Bachelor as a platform to bring awareness to issues of women’s reproductive health and fertility.  In this episode, Whitney will share about her own experience with egg freezing and motherhood, and she will also provide valuable information for listeners who are just beginning to explore fertility preservation through egg freezing.  I am so happy to have Whitney on the show today, especially for listeners who are concerned about their fertility, but not quite ready to make the leap into parenthood. Ova Egg Freezing can be found at: (312)800-0228 IG: @ovaeggfreezing Stay tuned in the last 10 minutes of the show to hear a bonus mini-episode from an anonymous podcast listener!
  • The Single Greatest Choice podcast

    S2, episode 4: Maggie, cancer previvor and double donor SMC


    This week I had the opportunity to talk with Maggie, who learned she has a gene mutation that put her at significantly higher risk for both breast and ovarian cancer. So on top of dealing with the ticking of the biological clock that we all hear to a certain extent, Maggie had even more pressing biological matters to address on her path to motherhood. To me, Maggie’s story stands out because these are exactly the kinds of circumstances that can make us feel hopeless and helpless, like a victim in our own story...unless we chose to write a different, more empowering narrative...which is exactly what Maggie has done. Listen as she shares the ups and downs of her journey in a very candid way. I hope that you’ll learn from her and be inspired by how she has persevered and chosen to see the good in very challenging circumstances. You can connect with Maggie on Instagram @mwilson102
  • The Single Greatest Choice podcast

    S2, episode 3: Heather, single mom by chance and by choice, a decade apart


    Heather is a single mom by chance to a preteen boy and a single mom by choice to a baby girl. In this episode, she shares the differences in those two experiences, as well as the joys and struggles of parenting solo. Heather is positive and real about her unconventional path to motherhood. You can find her on Instagram @momversuswild, and watch out for her forthcoming blog, which will be full of tips and tricks for single motherhood!
  • The Single Greatest Choice podcast

    Bonus Takeover Episode: 50 First Dates on The Life Unscripted Podcast with Kristy Katzmann


    Today I am doing something I've never done before and sharing an episode of another podcast with you. Kristy Katzmann, host of The Life Unscripted Podcast, generously invited me to be a guest on her new show. Together, we recap my journey to solo motherhood including going on over 50 first dates in order to meet my partner before deciding to embark on becoming a single mother by choice. Whether you've heard my story before or not, I hope you enjoy this recap and the perspective hindsight has given me. Please make sure to go over and subscribe to The Life Unscripted Podcast so that you don't miss a single episode!
  • The Single Greatest Choice podcast

    S2, episode 2: Naturally Nora, preconception health coach and holistic nutritionist


    Nora DeBora is a Preconception Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor who helps women prepare their bodies for pregnancy and have a healthy baby after age 30. Nora’s connection to the topics we discuss on the show is both personal and professional.  While her signature coaching program, Holistic Pregnancy Prep, teaches women to naturally achieve their best health before pregnancy so that mind and body are in the most optimal state to get pregnant, Nora is also a 37 year old single woman who’s passionate about preserving and optimizing her own fertility, as well as exploring the idea of solo motherhood herself in the next few years. You can learn more about Nora at: IG @naturally_nora

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