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Inflation on the rise

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Ryan Herbert discusses why inflation is the current hot topic in finance news and what you can do to prepare for higher prices. Plus, things couples should consider about their financial approach.

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  • The Savvy Investor Podcast podcast

    Inflation Strategies and Tax Planning


    Ryan Herbert talks about how Prostatis helps clients build income plans for retirement that account for the recent rise in inflation. Plus, why planning for higher taxes in the future is more important than ever.
  • The Savvy Investor Podcast podcast

    Exclusive interview with Andrea Bocelli


    Mike Canet sits down with Italian Opera star Andrea Bocelli. They discuss how he keeps his children grounded, his favorite performance, who he wishes he could have performed with, and much more!
  • The Savvy Investor Podcast podcast

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  • The Savvy Investor Podcast podcast

    Keeping up with inflation in retirement


    Mike Canet and Ryan Herbert talk about creating a plan to accommodate inflationary pressures. They also discuss knowing how your money is going to be taxed in retirement as well as which tax bracket you will be living in.
  • The Savvy Investor Podcast podcast

    Are Roth IRA Conversions Going Away


    Ryan Herbert and Katherine Groce talk about the risks involved in investing in cryptocurrency. They also talk about why we have less purchasing power now. 
  • The Savvy Investor Podcast podcast

    The top financial fears of retirees


    Ryan Herbert addresses a recent survey that reported the top five fears of retirees and how Prostatis helps their clients avoid those fears. Plus, David Lee Roth is calling it a career. What can we learn from the Van Halen frontman about retirement?
  • The Savvy Investor Podcast podcast

    The popularity of the Roth IRA


    Mike Canet and special guest Katherine Groce discuss the benefits of the Roth IRA and why some investors haven't taken advantage of these kinds of retirement accounts. Plus, questions to ask yourself as you approach retirement and find out which celebrity is celebrating his 90th year on Earth by going to outer space!
  • The Savvy Investor Podcast podcast

    Maintaining your lifestyle in retirement


    Ryan Herbert describes how Prostatis Financial Group helps their clients develop plans for retirement so they can maintain their lifestyle when they decide to call it a career. Plus, some of the potential tax changes that President Biden is calling for.
  • The Savvy Investor Podcast podcast

    Preparing for higher tax rates in the future


    On the 100th episode of the Savvy Investor Podcast, Mike Canet and Ryan Herbert discuss the possibility of tax increases in the future, and they address a tax that catches many people off guard - a tax on your Social Security benefits. Plus, Bill Murray's favorite piece of financial advice!
  • The Savvy Investor Podcast podcast

    99 for 99 - An Interview with Warren Sapp


    For his 99th podcast episode, Mike Canet sat down one-on-one with NFL legend Warren Sapp to discuss his career and what he's been doing since retiring. 
  • The Savvy Investor Podcast podcast

    The best time of the year to retire


    Mike Canet and Ryan Herbert discuss the timing of an individual's retirement decision. What time of year is best to retire? Plus, former NFL running back Fred Taylor shares a cautionary tale about choosing the right financial professional.

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