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✨SILVER AWARD YouTube Channel✨ Welcome to The RO Show - Your Ultimate Independent Source for Achieving True Wealth! ♾️ Be financially ANTI-FRAGILE. You will become empowered to seize opportunities, identify strategies that build and protect your wealth, and make smarter financial decisions that make money, keep your money, enjoy your money. I'm Rosanna Prestia, MBA, an independent thinker, serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor, economist, and CEO for 25+ years as well as a wife and mom of 3 exceptional sons. On this show, I share my story and explore the stories of other peak-performing financial experts and innovative leaders as we reveal the secrets and realities of money, wealth, and financial freedom that you won't find elsewhere. We go beyond all stories and headlines to uncover the truth. Free your mind. Think Different. You have the power to change your story and live your best life. Anything is truly possible. Subscribe today and join The RO Show community to achieve true wealth. ♾️ NEW Episodes Weekly+ ✨SUBSCRIBE to The RO Show YT Channel✨ ➡️CONNECT with ROSANNA PRESTIA⬅️ ✨ONE SITE ♾️ ✨X ♾️ ✨X ♾️ ✨LinkedIn ♾️ ✨WEBSITE ♾️ THINK Different with Rosanna ©️ 2022-2023

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