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PhinsPod: Miami Dolphins News & NFL Insight


The latest news and insight regarding the Miami Dolphins! Join us as we discuss news, rumors, and roster updates as well as what is going on around the rest of the NFL! Join the Pod!

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  • PhinsPod: Miami Dolphins News & NFL Insight podcast

    The Dolphins Can Still Salvage the Season... Here's How | Thu. Oct 14, 2021


    Although our record is 1-4 and things look bleak, the Dolphins schedule is favorable for a turnaround. Not only are their opponents weak, including the likes of the Jaguars, Jets, Texans, and Giants, but the Phins also have their starting Quarterback return. On this episode, we look at how exactly the Dolphins can still save their season. How many games can they afford to lose in order to be in the playoff conversation? We get into that, as well as address some recent comments made by Tua's trainer regarding Brian Flores, as well as touch on some team news. Let's dive in!SPONSOR: (Use PROMO "PHINS" for 20% OFF + FREE GIFT)
  • PhinsPod: Miami Dolphins News & NFL Insight podcast

    What the Hell is Going On With the Dolphins? | Mon. Oct 11, 2021


    The Miami Dolphins have fallen to 1-4, losing every single game without their starting Quarterback. However, it seems the issues run much deeper than just the signal caller. The defense did not show up, and Tom Brady once again annihilated our secondary. Today, we touch on the game, discuss what happened and what to expect going forward. Is the season lost? Or his there still hope left? Join us as we talk about the weekend that was, and look forward to what could be. Let's dive in!SPONSOR: (PROMO CODE: "PHINS" for 20% off + FREE GIFT!)
  • PhinsPod: Miami Dolphins News & NFL Insight podcast

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  • PhinsPod: Miami Dolphins News & NFL Insight podcast

    Miami Sends Message by Trading Away Jakeem Grant | Wed. Oct 6, 2021


    After months, no, YEARS of begging, the Miami Dolphins have finally shipped out veteran wide receiver Jakeem Grant. Following his muffed punt against the Colts, keeping him as a returner made little sense. We delve into the trade, what Miami got in return, as well as what message the move may send to the team. With Miami's playoff hopes on life support, we look at the move as well as the Dolphins defense. How much are they to blame for the team's early struggles? Join us as we try and reason our way out of this mess, let's dive in!SPONSOR: (Promo Code: "PHINS")
  • PhinsPod: Miami Dolphins News & NFL Insight podcast

    The Miami Dolphins Season Is On the Brink | Tue. Oct 5, 2021


    In what some would call the end of the season, the Miami Dolphins fell at home to the previously winless Indianapolis Colts at home to fall to 1-3. Despite the poor record, things can still be turned around. In today's show, we discuss who is to blame for the team's struggles, and where Miami can turn for help. We talk the game, our studs and duds, as well as some general roster news surrounding the team. Join us, and let's dive in!
  • PhinsPod: Miami Dolphins News & NFL Insight podcast

    Dispelling Myths Surrounding the Miami Dolphins Outlook | Thu. Sep 30, 2021


    On today's episode, Moose becomes the Love Guru as he talks about why so many Miami Dolphins fans have fallen out of love with this team. What's the root cause? Is there merit for this lost hope? We talk about Flores' coaching prowess, Grier's ability to manage a roster, as well as Tua Tagovailoa and his potential future. Join us for a fun episode that hopefully brings back the spark if you've lost it, let's dive in!Sponsor: (Use PROMO CODE "PHINSPOD")
  • PhinsPod: Miami Dolphins News & NFL Insight podcast

    Dolphins Almost Pull Off Miraculous Win | Tue. Sep 28, 2021


    After getting walloped in Week 2 against the Buffalo Bills, the Dolphins were playing for pride. Without Tua, Jacoby Brissett had to attempt to lead this offense and team to victory against the unbeaten Raiders. Unfortunately, despite some late game heroics, Miami fell short. Today, we recap the game, look at the good and the bad, as well as hand out our weekly studs and duds. What can we continue to develop, and what areas on the team need work. Join us as we look ahead and determine the overall state of this Dolphins team. Fins Up and Let's Dive In!Sponsor: (Use PROMO CODE "PHINSPOD")
  • PhinsPod: Miami Dolphins News & NFL Insight podcast

    Measuring the Will Fuller Effect | Wed. Sep 22, 2021


    Although the status of QB Tua Tagovailoa remains in question, we do know WR Will Fuller will be donning the aqua and orange for our Miami Dolphins this Sunday. Not only is it his first game with the team this season, it is also a boon for a squad desperate for offensive production. In today's episode, we look at Will Fuller's game specifically, what makes him special? And how can the Dolphins utilize him in their scheme to maximize his output? We talk deeply about that, as well as the shuffles on the offensive line which were reported earlier. How will these changes help the team? Too little too late? Or can we expect a bounce back performance from the offensive line. Lets Dive In!Sponsor: (Use PROMO CODE "PHINSPOD")
  • PhinsPod: Miami Dolphins News & NFL Insight podcast

    Will Tua Be Able to Play on Sunday Against the Raiders? | Tue. Sep 21, 2021


    As we move past this atrocious loss, there are some pieces of news that can provide some semblance of hope. First, it appears Tua Tagovailoa may very well be able to play in this game. We talk about why that is, and what to look out for in the coming days. We also look back at the Dolphins protection issues, who was to blame and can those issues be corrected moving forward? We touch on that, as well as other news and notes surrounding the Miami Dolphins, as well as this weekend's opponent, the Las Vegas Raiders. Join us, and let's dive in!Sponsor: (Use PROMO CODE "PHINSPOD")
  • PhinsPod: Miami Dolphins News & NFL Insight podcast

    Brutal Wake Up Call Rocks the Dolphins in Week 2 | Mon. Sep 20, 2021


    Boy, that was something huh? After so much hype and excitement, the Dolphins were sent plummeting back to Earth as they got decimated by the Buffalo Bills, 35-0. The game was lost early, when Tua Tagovailoa was hit on a clean shot by a Bills defender. The hit knocked him out of the game, and from there, things got worse. In this episode, we rant about the team, discuss what went wrong, and where there is still room to be hopeful. This is the PhinsPod after all, we always look at the silver lining. Join us, as we commiserate together, it will make the pain easier to bear I promise. Let's dive in!Sponsor: (Use PROMO CODE "PHINSPOD")
  • PhinsPod: Miami Dolphins News & NFL Insight podcast

    Dolphins Can Make a Statement this Sunday Against the Bills | Fri. Sep 17, 2021


    In this preview show, we look at the Dolphins offensive, and defensive game plan to stop the Buffalo Bills. If Miami wins, they start the year 2-0 with a 2 game lead in the division, Buffalo would be 0-2, and the NFL world would be shocked. It's the exact statement game we have been craving for as fans, and now, the team will have an opportunity to arrive on the NFL stage with a big win in their home opener. We talk about how to defend Josh Allen and Buffalo's offensive attack, as well as what we need to see from Tua in order to feel good that he's the guy moving forward. There's all that and more in the latest edition of the show, so strap up and let's dive in!

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