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Mini Moments Ep. 64: Discipline Is The Real Key To Success

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
In these "Mini Moments" we pull some of my favorite and most impactful mini lessons from past episodes of the Made for More Podcast to give you a quick digestible lesson in under 10 minutes.   If you liked this mini moment, check out the rest of this full episode here -   Summary Motivation is touted as the most important driving force to your success - but my take is that motivation is BS. In this mini moment, I break down why it is actually discipline that is the key to success. You have to show up and do the work consistently, even if it's hard, and even if you don't feel motivated. I didn't build a million dollar business while traveling the world and making an impact by letting my emotions dictate when I work - I was disciplined and showed up, and that is what led me to success.   Our Favorite Quotes "Your actions cannot be temporary. Your actions cannot only happen when you feel like it, or when you're always energized or when you're always excited. You won't be able to consistently do anything if your actions follow the up and down emotions and feelings or time periods of motivation."   "If you wait on motivation, you're taking away your power to create and decide the here and the now."   Thanks for listening, and if you like what you've heard, I would greatly appreciate you shaing this episode with your friends or on your Instagram stories (and tag! There are so many amazing women who need to hear this message and who are working to build their dream lifestyle, and I'd love you to help me spread the word.    Resources and links mentioned in this episode: Laptop Lifestyle Co Links: Website Instagram Tik Tok YouTube Channel

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