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Mini Moment Ep. 8: Reframing Your Confident Mindset

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
In these "Mini Moments" we pull some of my favorite and most impactful mini lessons from past episodes of the Made for More Podcast to give you a quick digestible lesson in under 10 minutes.   If you liked this mini moment, check out the rest of this full episode here -   Summary It's normal to not feel like you know exactly what you're doing at every stage of business. While the things you don't know change as you grow in business, you'll never know it all. That doesn't mean you're always going to have to "fake it to you make it," but you will have to act confidently, even when you don't feel confident. That's why establishing a confident mindset is so crucial to success. In this mini moment, we are discussing some mindset reframes for where you can derive confidence from to act more confidently, whether you know exactly what you're doing or what the outcome of your actions will be.   Our Favorite Quotes "We have to figure out, how can I go execute confidently, even when I don't feel confident."   Thanks for listening, and if you like what you've heard, I would greatly appreciate you shaing this episode with your friends or on your Instagram stories (and tag! There are so many amazing women who need to hear this message and who are working to build their dream lifestyle, and I'd love you to help me spread the word.    Resources and links mentioned in this episode: Laptop Lifestyle Co Links: Website Instagram Tik Tok YouTube Channel

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