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98. Let's Expand To Have A More Interesting Picture Of Success

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

I never really fit the mold of a " 7- figure business owner" or "successful coach." So since starting my business, I've gone through some massive identity crises. I think this very much comes with being an entrepreneur over time. You're evolving, changing, and growing. 


This episode is about making more interesting millionaires and challenging your vision of success in the way that you are attempting to portray it.


In this episode, we cover…

  • Owning and accepting your truth
  • How to embody your own version of success
  • Classic Millionaire statuses 
  • A different viewpoint of what success is
  • How are you showing up to perform?


"So we say the right things, but behind closed doors, and maybe even subconsciously, we're not accepting and internalizing and owning the fuck out of this different version of success. We still want to fit in in some way. And that can cause a lot of inner turmoil that sometimes we recognize is going on, and sometimes we don't even realize consciously."


"A lot of entrepreneurs are chasing after authority market markers chasing after the money or chasing after more of the illusion of success and feeling success for yourself every day we are performing, and thus that is why many people are still not happy because you're not accepting and owning your truth,"


"Money only amplifies what already exists."


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