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92. Productivity and Data-Driven Decisions for Entrepreneurs with Ashli P

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Today's guest Ashley Pollard has over ten years of working experience in corporate in the cutthroat fashion industry in New York City. Now Ashley runs an agency that helps female-led businesses to grow to six and seven figures. She also has a wellness company and two podcasts. 


In this episode, we chat all things productivity, growth, data-driven decisions, and, more importantly, some perspectives from outside the entrepreneurial bubble.


In this episode, we cover…

  • The importance of planning ahead
  • BTS of what building a brand and business looks like
  • How to utilize Data as a tool in your business
  • Things that contribute to fast business growth 
  • Productivity Hacks


"I think entrepreneurs have so many ideas. And what I tried to do is say, what if you can only do one? Well, per quarter, right? So if you can only do four great ideas this year, that's cool. You can do other ones next year. It helps you prioritize what your ideas are."


"Now that I've run enough of these live launches, and I say three to four are the basement of the bare minimum, to average one and two are just like gathering information, but not reacting to it. Once you have that three or four times. Now I know okay, well, I want to make 50 grand from this launch, which means I have to have X amount of people sign up, which means I have to have X amount of people at the webinar, which means I have to tell this many people about it. Because my analytics have been, you know, pretty similar each time. I've now had a little bit more of a proven model where I can tweak and adapt and adjust. So that's even another thing that you could do is try one thing multiple times, and see if you're getting the same result with the same messaging and all of that kind of stuff."

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