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91. Strip Away the Labels - Who Are You? This May Be Why You Aren't Selling

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Let's say you strip away all of the labels you use to describe yourself and that society uses to describe you... who are you? A substantial question to try to unpack, but we've got some excellent angles and perspectives. 


Labels have alot of power over us, which we will be diving into in this episode. I want to discuss the importance of recognizing the labels we identify with, uncovering how this makes us feel, and how to rewire our thought patterns to release any potential negative blocks in our behavior that could be caused by how we identify with ourselves. 


In this episode, we cover…

  • The difference between your identity and personality
  • Defining and identifying our behavior with labels 
  • How labels fit into our identity and personality
  • Stripping back these labels
  • Deciding who you are


"Your identity is more so what you give yourself it is how you see yourself, And it's also more so who you are. Versus personality is more of how you portray yourself or live out your identities, it's how you behave, not always who you are. So when we label this, one of the easiest ways I've looked at this is identity is who you are, personality is what type of person you are or how you show yourself to the world. This is an important distinction to make because a lot of who we currently think we are, is just learned behavior."


"When we change our identity, it is guaranteed, and it is natural that your behaviors are going to change as well in accordance and in alignment with the identity that you're choosing."


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