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90. Tap Into Your Feelings and Call Forth Abundance With Jackie Simek

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

With today's guest, we are diving into a little something else that I genuinely think is the ultimate superpower for you to tap into in literally every area of your business. Feelings are the basis of marketing, sales, and client delivery. Feelings are what magnetize your desires. Feelings will let you know if you are headed in the right direction. 


Jackie Simek boldly believes that feelings are the pathway to your profits, inviting women to reclaim their wholeness and harness the innate power society conditioned them to repress. Jackie is a speaker, EFT practitioner, and mentor to women leaders who find themselves stuck in their heads. Her entrepreneurial clients go from running ~ $40k businesses that feel heavy and hard to leading multiple six-figure movements they love. In this episode, Jackie discusses how she helps women focus more on the feelings they are experiencing, the sense of day to day, how to tap into those feelings, and utilize these techniques.


In this episode, we cover…

  • Jackie's Journey and what lead her to reach this point
  • The emotional freedom technique 
  • How thoughts and feelings can misdirect us 
  • Tapping into your feelings and using them as a superpower
  • Approaching scarcity and abundance from a coaching and finance background


"I can admit, like when I started my business, I had this 100% push, push, push energy. Then there started to become more conversations around, you know, burnout and everyone's like pushing themselves to this certain limit and strategy's not, you know, being necessarily like the secret in the vault that you need next on your Journey." 


"Women are often told not to be emotional, don't let your feelings get involved with business. This conditioning has women not only denying so much of themselves. It is suppressing their superpower."


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