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89. Elevate Your Money Mindset & Unpack Outdated Marketing Tactics with Melanie Aubert

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

The way that people are buying and making purchasing decisions is changing. Not only is the entrepreneur bubble that we're in going through massive shifts, but overall, people are shifting how they are responding to marketing and sales tactics. We will unpack this with today's guest, who is an expert on revolutionizing how we treat marketing sales and money mindset, especially with my women entrepreneurs.


Melanie Aubert is a corporate dropout turned multi-seven figure CEO. Over the past three years, she has helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs rise to six- and seven-figure incomes by dismantling outdated marketing and sales tactics. Coining the phrase "where massive impact meets big checks," Melanie has introduced a uniquely feminine, soul-led approach to business.


In this episode, we cover…

  • The new era of selling
  • Shifts to make if you're feeling unaligned with your selling
  • The critical difference between circumstantial power and personal power
  • Where most entrepreneurs get stuck 
  • Actionable steps around money mindset


"The new era of selling, and what I'm referring to when I say that is we've entered a phase in the digital space where we are now buying what we want and not what we need. This is why people don't invest in the fitness coach and buy the new iPhone, right? People will buy the $1,000 pair of sneakers and not pay their mortgage or rent. We go above and beyond when it comes to desire. Then we don't do the things that we need to do."


"When we're in a state of trying to recalibrate, relearn, grow and scale our business, we are gonna have moments of absolute fear where your brain will try to seek out and grab on to something predictable that from the past, like a failed launch, or, you know, someone calls you stupid, or whatever that thing is. We'll try to place that in the future to make it feel like it knows what to anticipate."


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