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84. How to Position Your Business as the High Level “Go-To” Brand in Your Niche

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

There are many go-to people in every nook and cranny of a specific type of market; there is probably at least one 'go-to' person that comes to mind in the niche or industry that is relevant to you. Today we're going to be talking about a whole different way of standing out and how to position yourself and position your business as a high-level, high-ticket, go-to brand in your industry. 


In this episode, I will discuss a bunch of different strategies that, when combined, will impress people at every stage and build that unwavering 'go-to person' brand reputation.


In this episode, we cover…

  • Highlighting your authority & positioning yourself 
  • What a stand out factor is 
  • What makes a person a go-to person
  • Character traits to embody 
  • Personal brand & likeability 
  • Building a high-quality reputation 


"There are many go-to people. Not everyone is a go-to person, right? There are many go-to people in every nook and cranny of a certain type of market that you have positioned yourself into and dominated. Still, I'm never going to compare a high-level luxury vibe designer to a designer that's known for like her playful template shop. And that's the corner of the market that she dominated. They can both be the go-to, but you have to decide intentionally how you're going to position yourself within the designer market, and then go and dominate that."


"No one is the go-to person that sits on the sidelines, and that sits on the bench, and that doesn't play, and that doesn't show up, right? The go-to person is visible. Everyone knows who they are. They're known for both their skill set and their execution in just this unmatched way that makes them, even when the competition knows about them.”

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