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81. Becoming Irresistible with Sales Frenzies with Rachel Spencer

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

No matter what your business is, sales is most likely one of the essential parts of your business. For any business owner, to make money, you're going to need to learn how to sell, and yet alot of people tend to find sales and launching stressful. Well, Today's guest is here to change your sales perspective, so you can feel energized and excited to sell out your launches. 


Rachel Spencer is a 7-figure Business Coach and Strategist living in NYC. She's a bonafide Big Dick Energy Queen who helps her clients break the business rules and scale to $100K+ THEIR way. In this episode, we talk about how to really break the rules in business, how to think outside the box, become more innovative, and most of all, how to have fun when you're selling things in your industry.


In this episode, we cover…

  • Innovative launch ideas
  • Finding inspiration for a new selling strategy 
  • Making your launch exciting to you 
  • Big sales energy
  • Gameafying launches
  • What makes a successful launch


"I think whenever people hear about these new and innovative ways of launching or selling, and they automatically want to copy it. And I don't think it comes from a malicious place. It sounds fun, and you want to do the same thing. But that's not what innovation is, right?"


"I would say if you are someone who wants to get more innovative and do your own thing. I think it comes down to a mindset thing - not being afraid to stand out, but also not being afraid of failure, because guess what, it might not work"


"You have to go into your future launches, being willing to just like, you know, either have a smash hit or have a fail and be okay with that knowing that like at least I tried. So I think that that's like not being afraid of failure. Not being afraid to like, stand out and do something that nobody else has done and just being like, Oh, well, I'm kind of on my own here. Like there's no handbook for this,"


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