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131. Unblocking Your Mindset Around Success & Money with Ruthie Johnson

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15 Sekunden vorwärts
With today's guest, lifestyle & wellness coach (and Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp alum!) Ruthie Johnson, we are diving into the depths of mindset. In the entrepreneurial world, mindset is a much talked-about and yet somewhat elusive concept, so we are aiming to breakdown and make more concrete through this conversation. We are getting into everything from what it means to work on your mindset, why the way so many of us chase success is harmful, and how our money stories from childhood impact our lives and businesses.   Ruthie Johnson is the founder, coach and self-care enthusiast behind Ruthie & Rose - lifestyle and wellness coaching for ambitious women to help them prioritise themselves, learn how to balance it all and scale their success stress-free with ease & alignment. Ruthie is a qualified Transformational Coach, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, having worked with over 150 clients in her 5+ years of experience. Behind-the-scenes of her business, Ruthie enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and their cat Matilda, at the gym, or enjoying the best food she can find around their home city in Bristol.   In this episode, we cover…
  • The role mindset plays in success
  • What it can look like to engage in mindset work
  • The ways we tend to self-sabotage
  • Why self-worth work is crucial for high-achieving people
  • How the Hunger Ghost Syndrome has us constantly chasing the next thing
  • Advice to cultivate a healthy money mindset
  Quotes "In western cultures we're very strategy heavy. And actually that stops us from seeing that there are other dynamics and other paradigms we can be in."   "If you already knew you were worthy, then how capable would you be to step into everything that you wanted?"   "Your worth is inherent. Like no lion wakes up in the morning and goes, no, I'm not worthy. I'm not gonna eat today. Like it's just a completely made up construct."     Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode Laptop Lifestyle Co Links: Website Instagram Tik Tok YouTube Channel   Other Links Mentioned Ruthie's Instagram Ruthie's Website

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