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130. [Part 1] Mind Blowing New Perspective on Niching Down, Being Multi-Passionate & Effortless Sales

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
In this episode, I'm sharing a fresh perspective on niching down, and why it's so valuable to your business! Because there's so much to cover, we’ve broken this conversation into two separate episodes to make it easier for you to take in. This is Part 1, so make sure to tune into Part 2 when you are finished listening.   We are getting back to the basics - but don't worry, this episode is for you no matter what level of business you are in. In this episode, I'm giving you my fresh, never-shared-before perspective on the power of niching down & making sales. It all comes down to the magic trio to sold out offers, and I'm spilling the tea on exactly how you can niche down to stand out. Expect to be sold on niching down after this episode - even if you're multi-passionate, new to business, and feeling frustrated the current state of social media. Plus, I'm giving you a behind-the-scenes look on how I've been implementing everything I talk about here in my own 7-figure business.   In this episode, we cover…
  • Revisiting the basics at every level of business
  • The magic trio to sold out offers
  • Why being multi-passionate shouldn't stand in the way of niching down
  • Why being new to your industry doesn't have to hold you back
  • How you can become known, regardless of the IG algorithm
  Quotes "Making money and standing out are based on value. Therefore, if we make it really simple, if you can be the most valuable person or thing, you will sell."   "If my service is for many people, its value is watered down and not always applicable. If my service is niched down or rather specific to one person in one situation during one time, it can become the highest value possible."   "In order for you to sell more, in order for you to sell out your offers with ease and stand out, you cannot continually just do new and keep hopping from thing to thing or keep executing with the short term thinking."   Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode Laptop Lifestyle Co Links: Website Instagram Tik Tok YouTube Channel   Other Resources Offer Oversight Quiz

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