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120. The Saturation Effect AKA How I've Completely Changed My Life Over The Past 1.5 Years

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15 Sekunden vorwärts
Someone recently asked me about my experience and credentials related to my business, and it set me into self-reflection mode to consider what factors have gotten me to where I am now over the last few years. And now I'm sharing that reflection with you, because I truly believe that what I realized could also change your life. In this episode, I am sharing about what I've decided to call The Saturation Effect - the effect that being completely saturated by one particular thing can have on changing your life. I get into how The Saturation Effect has impacted both my growth as a business coach and CEO, as well as my healing journey. I also share how you can start to implement The Saturation Effect to change aspects of your own life.   In this episode, we cover…
  • Learning, doing, and being to create lasting change
  • A summary of my own experience over the last 1.5 years
  • The Saturation Effect: considering the amount and frequency of saturation
  • What saturation has looked like in my own healing journey
  • Why saturation is the best way to influence our habits
  • Examples of where and how saturation can occur (including masterminds)
  Quotes "The Saturation Effect means that if you surround yourself enough with one thing, you will not be able to ignore it and it will inevitably infiltrate your thoughts, behaviors, your way of being, and ultimately eventually change who you are at your core. "   "Most people try to change something - a habit, maybe a belief, a way of being, maybe it is a big life change quitting your job and starting a business. Most people try to change by overcoming something or forcing/pushing through. And if that even works for a little bit, it never lasts. It never lasts, and it never changes you at a deep core level."   "I want the change you desire to become inevitable. And no amount of force and hard work can change who you are at your core. I believe that wholeheartedly. The changing at your core and the being - it only comes by saturating your existence so that you cannot help but change by learning, doing and being all that you're surrounded by, which is what you want to become."   Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode Laptop Lifestyle Co Links: Website Instagram Tik Tok YouTube Channel

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