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116. The One No BS Thing You Can Do Today To Change Anything In Your Life

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15 Sekunden vorwärts
Want to know the one thing you can implement right now in your life and business that is sure to make a difference in how things turn out for you? Well, here it is: Commitment. Before you roll your eyes, hear me out - you might know what you want to be committed to, but do you know what you actually are committed to? And do you know what you are most committed to? In this episode I lay out why this one factor can change the way you show up in your life and business, and share some ways for you to focus on what you are committed to.   In this episode, we cover…
  • Why commitment is the key to forward progress
  • How you may be tricking yourself into thinking you are committed to something, when really you aren't
  • The two questions you can ask yourself to get clear on your commitments
  • A four step process to examining your own commitment to what is important to you
  Quotes "It's very easy for us to fool ourselves into thinking that we're making progress or that we are really trying our best, when in reality we aren't quite doing what needs to get done to change."   "This power of commitment isn't always about commitment as in this more intense way to figure something out or what action or tasks you're doing to get a result you want. Sometimes you are fully committed. But you are fully committed to the wrong thing. And that's what's holding you back or leading you astray."   "What are you most committed to?"   Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode Laptop Lifestyle Co Links: Website Instagram Tik Tok YouTube Channel

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