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115. Structure vs. Strategy: Diagnosing What You Need To Scale

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

I've found that when entrepreneurs hit problems while scaling their businesses, it's usually one of two things: An issue with structure, or an issue with strategy. In this episode, I am digging into how you can diagnose what's holding you back from seeing the growth that you want in your business. I go over what situations indicate a need for adjustment in your business structure, and what situations point to a problem with your strategy. Plus, I talk about how two Laptop Lifestyle Co. programs - The Gameplan and Intentional Mastermind - may be exactly what you need to overcome these challenges you may be facing. 


In this episode, we cover…

  • The difference between structure and strategy in business

  • How systems play a role in both

  • The question you can ask yourself to diagnose whether structure or strategy is causing the issue

  • Examples of situations you may run into in your business that require either a structural or strategic solution

  • How The Gameplan or Intentional Mastermind may be what you need





"Building a business and running/maintaining a business are two different things."


"We've got to get to the root of the problem. Because I see it all the time where someone is trying a strategy, and the strategy itself is actually a really good strategy - they may have even executed it really really well. But if the structure and the systems are for some reason creating a big gap or a big block or a big issue, then you fixing the strategy is actually you solving a problem that doesn't exist, or solving the wrong problem."

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