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Today, I am blessed to have here with me Chantel Ray. She is quickly becoming a house-hold name in the real estate industry and beyond! Led by her faith, Chantel is a successful entrepreneur who has combined her unique experiences and real-world strategies to spread knowledge and ambition to up and coming business and real estate professionals. 

Known for her podcasts, with over 4 million downloads, Chantel is one of the most sought- after inspirational speakers in the world today.

In this episode, Chantel Ray is a guiding force, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to wellness. In exploring diverse strategies and lifestyle choices, she unveils a spectrum of practices, from having a full red light setup and top-of-the-line saunas to engaging in cryotherapy. Chantel underscores the multifaceted nature of health concerns, acknowledging the need for a combination of approaches. Committed to a healthy lifestyle, she shares her dedication to avoiding seed oils, eating clean, and participating in various health-promoting activities. 

However, amidst her wellness journey, Chantel candidly acknowledges the ongoing struggle with joint pain, revealing the challenges that persist despite her meticulous health efforts. This introspective dive sets the stage for a profound exploration of stress management, parasitic infestation, mineral balance, mold remediation, fasting wisdom, and the harmony of breath, sleep, and supplements, all contributing to a tapestry of insights that empower individuals on their quest for optimal health.

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[08:15] Navigating Health Challenges Through Diverse Strategies and Lifestyle Choices

-       Chantel Ray emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to wellness.

-       She employs a variety of strategies, including having a full red light setup at home, top-of-the-line saunas, an ice bath, and utilizing cryotherapy.

-       Addressing health concerns involves more than just one aspect, and a combination of approaches may be necessary.

-       Chantel mentions that she follows a healthy lifestyle by avoiding seed oils, eating clean, and engaging in various health-promoting activities.

-       Despite her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Chantel acknowledges that dealing with joint pain can still be challenging and sometimes debilitating.

[11:00] Insights on Stress and Parasites for Holistic Well-being

-       Stress: Prioritizing mental and emotional well-being is crucial for overall health.  Recognizing when a professional endeavor becomes excessively stressful and negatively impacts well-being is vital.

-       Parasites: Chantel Ray shares her personal struggle with parasitic infestation, highlighting the delicate balance needed in parasite cleansing to avoid exacerbating health issues and the specific approach, including coffee enemas, that she found effective in her journey.

-       Chantel delves into the often-overlooked aspect of regular stool examination for understanding gut health. Examining one's stool is a game-changer in recognizing signs of constipation, diarrhea, and potential issues like giardia or liver flukes.

-       It’s time to destigmatize the discomfort around discussing and examining stool by encouraging individuals, even children, to be involved in their own health assessments.

[28:35] Mineral Balance and Potassium Requirements in Keto Diets and Coffee Enemas

-       Chantel highlights the importance of considering mineral loss, particularly potassium, when incorporating coffee enemas into a health routine. This emphasizes the need for a holistic approach to health practices, taking into account potential nutrient imbalances that may arise from specific interventions.

-       While magnesium often takes the spotlight in discussions about keto diets, Chantel draws attention to the often-overlooked importance of potassium. She emphasizes that, especially on a keto diet, individuals may be losing sodium and potassium, and meeting the daily potassium requirement (approximately 4200 milligrams) is crucial for overall well-being.

-       Chantel addresses the challenge of obtaining sufficient potassium on a keto diet, where traditional high-potassium foods like bananas and sweet potatoes are restricted. She suggests alternative sources such as salmon and avocados, providing practical insights for individuals seeking to maintain proper potassium levels while adhering to a ketogenic lifestyle.

[34:20] Breathing Easier: A Guide to Mold Remediation, Air Quality, and Fragrance-Free Living

-       Chantel's proactive approach to mold remediation in her newly acquired house emphasizes the significance of addressing mold concerns promptly. This takeaway suggests that even in situations where mold is inevitable, taking action to remediate and improve air quality is crucial for a healthy living environment.

-       Chantel advocates for investing in high-quality air filters.

-       Chantel emphasizes the importance of comprehensive air quality management by recommending a minimum of three air filters for each house. This takeaway encourages individuals to think beyond single-room solutions and adopt a holistic approach to ensure consistent and high-quality air throughout the entire living space.

-       Lastly, establish limits on fragrances in your home. Prioritize personal health and comfort, even in social situations, by addressing potential sources of discomfort such as strong scents.

[40:10] Fasting Wisdom: Hormesis, Individualized Approaches, and Medication Management

-       Chantel Ray introduces the concept of hormesis in fasting, emphasizing the importance of finding the right balance to make fasting truly beneficial. She suggests that both too little and too much stress (in the form of fasting) can be counterproductive, highlighting the need to identify the optimal window for individual health benefits.

-       Chantel's experience with thyroid issues during an extended fast underscores the importance of an individualized approach to fasting.

-       She stresses the need to consider factors such as medication and existing health conditions, advocating for a personalized fasting strategy that aligns with an individual's unique circumstances.

-       Communicate with healthcare professionals and make necessary adjustments to medication when embarking on fasting regimens, ensuring a safe and effective approach to health.

[51:30] Harmony of Breath, Sleep, and Supplements

-       Chantel emphasizes the importance of mindful breathing and oxygen intake for overall well-being.

-       By actively engaging in practices such as breathwork and utilizing tools like a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Chantel speaks about the potential benefits of intentional breathing for physical and mental well-being.

-       Chantel shares insights into the impact of sleep on her overall health, using the Ōura Ring to track her sleep patterns. Her dedication to maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, adjusting nightly routines, and addressing factors like hydration and potassium intake reflects a proactive approach to optimizing sleep quality for improved health.

-       Lastly, personalized supplementation and dietary adjustments to address specific health concerns will improve sleep patterns.


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