The Jump with Shirley Manson podcast

The Jump with Shirley Manson


There’s nothing better than a breakthrough – when all the hard work pays off and gold is struck. In season three of The Jump, acclaimed musician Shirley Manson and world-renowned artists take stock of those moments while examining the songs that changed their careers.

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  • The Jump with Shirley Manson podcast

    Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know


    Alanis Morissette fought tooth and nail for a career in a male-dominated industry. She explains how writing her hit song You Oughta Know helped her work through issues of depression, anger and disillusionment.
  • The Jump with Shirley Manson podcast

    Robyn - With Every Heartbeat


    Robyn is the queen of reinvention. From an overworked prodigy to a seasoned pop giant, she redefined what success could mean for female popstars. She discusses her song With Every Heartbeat and her well-earned artistic freedom.
  • The Jump with Shirley Manson podcast

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  • The Jump with Shirley Manson podcast

    Thundercat - Dragonball Durag


    Not every R&B album draws comparison to the Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers, but Thundercat’s charm and appeal defies genre. In this episode, he breaks down his song Dragonball Durag and the universal power of humor.
  • The Jump with Shirley Manson podcast

    Kelsey Lu - Let all the Poisons that Lurk in the Mud Seep Out


    Singer and cellist Kelsey Lu revels in change. In this episode, she walks through the creation of her newest song, the importance of embracing growth and the singular joy of surprising yourself.
  • The Jump with Shirley Manson podcast

    Run the Jewels - A Christmas F***ing Miracle


    Run The Jewels boasts one of the most prolific partnerships in rap. Killer Mike and EI-P reflect on a key touchstone in their origin story, A Christmas F***ing Miracle, and how they learned the art of vulnerability.
  • The Jump with Shirley Manson podcast

    Patti Smith - Pissing In The River


    Patti Smith made a career by staying true to herself and her art, especially in the face of backlash. In this episode, the ‘punk poet laureate’ explains why her song Pissing In The River is the perfect case study.
  • The Jump with Shirley Manson podcast

    Rapsody - Afeni


    The driving force behind Rapsody’s creativity has always been championing Black women. She shares how her song Afeni, the ultimate love letter to Black women, represents the culmination of her artistic vision.
  • The Jump with Shirley Manson podcast

    Joe Talbot - 1049 Gotho


    Art is a powerful tool – it can bridge connections, provide catharsis and even make you cry. No one knows this better than Joe Talbot. In this episode, he shares how writing his song 1049 Gotho was an exercise in empathy.
  • The Jump with Shirley Manson podcast

    David Byrne - Loco de Amor


    David Byrne, former Talking Heads frontman, found his voice by venturing outside his comfort zone. He shares how a love of Latin music led to his genre-breaking song, Loco de Amor, and his own personal musical liberation.
  • The Jump with Shirley Manson podcast

    The Jump - Season 3 (Trailer)


    From concepting to songwriting, making something new isn’t always straightforward. Host Shirley Manson and acclaimed musicians take stock of the moment in their careers that solidified their artistic identity.

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