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Christopher Edge

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Nadia has made the most of her extended Christmas break, but Frank’s been sleeping it off. For a month. He needs to get his act together sharpish, though, because there is a rip in the space time continuum just above one of the palm trees, and Christopher Edge, author of bestseller ‘The Escape Room’ and the forthcoming ‘Black Hole Cinema Club’, is hurtling towards the island at the speed of light, all the way from Eccles. Before he arrives Frank and Nadia discuss Truckers by Terry Pratchett and new wonder-book ‘The Final Year’ by Matt Goodfellow. 

Emily Drabble from Booktrust is back with her pick of the crop of new children’s books, this month featuring:

The Pandas Who Promised by Rachel Bright and Jim Field published by Hachette

Time Travellers: Adventure Calling by Sufiya Ahmed published by Little Tiger

Fright Bite by Jennifer Killick published by Farshore

Safiyyah’s War by Hiba Noor Khan published by Andersen

Look Out! Hungry Lion by Paul Delaney published by Harper Collins

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