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Episode 9 w/ Säde Haveri - Functional, Meaningless Data Pipelines: Lessons From the IT-Business Divide

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

In this podcast episode, host Ole Olesen-Bagneux engages in a conversation with Säde Haveri, a seasoned data management freelancer specializing in data governance, data catalogs and data modeling. The dialogue focuses on the intricacies of data democratization, and the crucial importance of establishing a common language between technical and business users.

Säde shares her extensive experience in the data sector, focusing on the interface between data and end-users. She stresses the need to involve both IT and business users for successful implementation of data catalogs, and the collaborative nature of data governance.

The episode concludes looking at the challenges of making technology accessible to non-technical users, and proposes the idea of measuring the success of data democratization initiatives using innovative KPIs.

🎧 Listen to the episode for valuable insights into ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between technology and business in the area of data management.

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