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Episode 11 w/ Gabs Ferreira - Crafting Tech Narratives: A Journey from Coding to Content Creation

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

In this podcast episode, host Ole Olesen-Bagneux sits down with Gabs Ferreira, who has made a remarkable transition from a software developer to a renowned technology storyteller and content creator.

Gabs delves into the art of tech storytelling, emphasizing the significance of personal narratives in making technology relatable. The discussion also explores the vibrant Brazilian tech scene, its regional disparities & enthusiastic tech community, and the growing need for Portuguese tech content.

Concluding the discussion, Gabs shares his thoughts on the future of technology storytelling in the age of generative AI. He expresses optimism about the role of AI in enhancing content creation and shares his vision for further democratization of tech.

🎧 Tune in to this episode to gain a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of tech communication, community building, and the role of storytelling in the tech industry.

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