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Elementary | Repaying A Debt

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

If a good friend asks to borrow a little bit of money from us, we'll probably oblige 99% of the time without setting up any repayment parameters. But as the days turn into weeks and weeks into months, things can get a bit tricky and awkward when your "good friend" is slow in repaying his or her loan. Learn how to calmly tackle such a situation using Mandarin Chinese in today's ChinesePod lesson. Episode link:

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  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Elementary | Fast Food


    In certain groups, McDonalds has been renamed the “McEmbassy” – and no matter how much you tell yourself you won’t, you will end up caving in to that craving for something familiar. So what would a burger order sound like? A super-sized lesson, that’s what. Listen in to this podcast and learn how to use Mandarin Chinese to order food in a fast food restaurant. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Newbie | Can I Drink Water Here?


    There're always people breaking rules, such as eating in a library or taking pictures in a museum. Do you want to stop them but don't know how? In this lesson, we are going to learn how to ask people not to do something and ask whether can we do something. Let's get started! Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

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  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Elementary | Homesick


    It’s hard enough explaining “biscuits and gravy” to other countries, not to mention missing mom and her kitchen. So, when that long face is chewing on something from a cow’s face, how to save face and face up to the fact that you’re homesick? Listen to ChinesePod, of course – the most nurturing of all podcasts, and learn how to talk about good old home using Mandarin Chinese. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Newbie | Definitely!


    While “nothing is absolute”, we shudder to imagine a world without tying someone down…erm, metaphorically speaking, of course. In this podcast, Ken and Jenny unquestionably and beyond doubt teach you an indisputably certain Mandarin Chinese lesson on verbal confirmation. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Elementary | Hostel Curfew


    Staying at hostels in China are an excellent way to travel for the cash-strapped tourist and tend to be, in our experience, clean, tidy and full of friendly travellers. However, many of them will often lock up their doors as early as midnight! What's to be done if you're looking to explore a city's vibrant nightlife? Find out in today's elementary lesson. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Newbie | This Is My Wechat ID


    Anyone who has lived in China knows that you can't make any new friends without Wechat! Today, in this newbie dialogue, we're showing you how to ask people out and add them on Wechat. Make sure to watch till the end! Joe has a little surprise for all of you! Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Elementary | Commuting Options


    Subway, taxi, or bus? This is the common commuting conundrum faced by any number of working Chinese throughout the country. Listen in as two coworkers discuss the pros and cons (well, mostly the cons) of each mode of transportation in today's elementary lesson. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Newbie | New Year


    When the countdown to midnight begins, you never know who you’re going to be standing next to. In this lesson, learn how to talk about how you plan to spend New Year’s, and also how to wish someone a “Happy New Year” in Mandarin Chinese. Listen to this podcast, and we’ll help you to not be lost for words when you see in the New Year with a Chinese friend. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Elementary | New Year's Eve Party


    Get ready for the countdown! The New Year is just hours away. In this lesson, two friends discuss their New Year's Eve plans. Learn the Chinese word for New Year and, of course, champagne! Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Newbie | New Year's Song


    Let's face it, "Auld Lang Syne" is getting just a little bit stale, so we've come up with a new New Year's song. It's gonna sweep the globe. In Mandarin. What language is "Auld Lang Syne" anyway? If it can cut it for 300 years, so can a New Year's song in Chinese. Listen to this podcast, and sing loud! The tipsier you are, the better it will sound (to you, at least)! Episode link:

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