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Elementary | Make-up

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

While you might underestimate a lesson on lipstick, eye shadow, etc, you’d be surprised how relaxing it is to put on after a long day at the office. In this podcast, Jenny (one of the lucky ones who doesn’t need it) teaches Ken (more of a “winter”) all about cosmetics, in Mandarin Chinese. Episode link:

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  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Newbie | Come Sit Some Time


    In this lesson, we are going to look at a common dialogue between a guest and a host. We will show you how to invite someone to visit next time, and how you can take your leave as a guest. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Elementary | Mysterious Visitor


    Picture this: it’s a dark night, and someone’s all tucked in. Alone in the house, each creak seems to come directly at her. So when the doorknob starts to rattle, what happens? A Mandarin Chinese lesson, that’s what…Listen in to this podcast and learn how to be able to discern who it really is pounding at your door. Premium subscribers will learn how to say, “The calls are coming from inside the house, mmmmwwwaaaaa haaaa haaaa.” Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

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  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Newbie | Hello And Goodbye


    Greetings and farewells: the indispensable tools for striking up and ending conversations. If you don't want to appear entirely socially inept, you should probably master these phrases. Learn them in Mandarin Chinese in today's lesson. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Elementary | Repaying A Debt


    If a good friend asks to borrow a little bit of money from us, we'll probably oblige 99% of the time without setting up any repayment parameters. But as the days turn into weeks and weeks into months, things can get a bit tricky and awkward when your "good friend" is slow in repaying his or her loan. Learn how to calmly tackle such a situation using Mandarin Chinese in today's ChinesePod lesson. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Newbie | Pandas In Chengdu


    So you've hiked the Great Wall, explored the wonders of the Forbidden City, marveled at the Bund; you've exhausted the top-tier tourist attractions of eastern China. Fortunately for tireless travelers like you, China's a massive country chock full of national treasures available for your viewing pleasure. Next stop for the travelers in today's lesson: pandas! Learn how to talk about these cuddly creatures in this newbie lesson. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Elementary | Views On Contact Lenses


    Ironic that the person sucking the marrow out of a bone at dinner would be somewhat timid about wearing contact lenses, but it happened (at least, in ChinesePodLand). So tilt your head back, pry open your mind and listen in to this lesson in Mandarin Chinese on Contact Lenses. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Newbie | Can You Take A Photo For Me?


    This new lesson is about a major problem for people when traveling alone. And that is taking pictures of yourself! Yes you can always take selfies, but it doesn’t work for full body photos! In this lesson, Joe and Lyn will show you how to ask someone to take pictures of you when you’re traveling in China. After the video, you can say goodbye to selfie fails and say hello to insta-worthy photos! Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Elementary | Introducing One's Children


    This is a lesson for all those proud parents out there. What’s better than showing off your cute offspring to those you meet? So, listen in on this podcast, and learn how to introduce your kids to those you meet, using Mandarin Chinese. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Newbie | Explaining Your Occupation


    “So… what do you do?” While that might sound like a “Singles’ Night” introduction, we mean it… seriously (you should see our faces right now). In this lesson, you will learn how to ask someone what they do, using Mandarin Chinese. And this podcast will also help you to learn how to give a nice sounding response… and so much more. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Elementary | Elevator Emergency


    Despite most buildings here not having a 4th floor (whoooooooo), occasionally potential disaster still strikes (dum-Dum-DUM). So what would it sound like if two people were stuck in an elevator together? It’s all in the lesson, in Mandarin Chinese. So, if it happens, don’t panic—think ChinesePod. Episode link:

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