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How can I earn more from my business without working longer hours? How can I spend more time with my family alongside running a business? How do I set up a website? How much should I charge for my services? Do I have to be on every social media platform? How do I stop procrastinating and get more done? How can I market my business in a way that feels good? I answer all of these questions and more. Host Ellie McBride and experts guests share tips, advice and strategies to help women (female-identifying or non-binary) find ease and enjoyment in running a business.

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  • The Capable Collective Podcast podcast

    S3E3: 6 Things You'll Need Before You Design Your Website


    I would love to chat with you about how to get content together for your website, especially when you're first getting ready to launch or maybe doing a big overhaul.  I want to talk to you about everything you need to pull together...get organized before you start. So, why is it important to get organized before you kick off a website project?  To start with the obvious, it saves time. If you have everything together from the start of the project, you don't waste times hunting down the right thing. Or getting off-brand or getting distracted, but more importantly, if you've taken some time to pull together all the elements I'm going to share with you today... it's going to be so much easier to create a cohesive, gorgeous design. 
  • The Capable Collective Podcast podcast

    S3E2: Content with Empathy with Sophy Dale


    Sophy Dale is absolutely brilliant nd she's got such a warm personality! We talked all about how to create content that has empathy and connects. And Sophie is just brilliant at this.  So a little more about her Sophy Dale is a copywriter business coach and messaging strategy. Who works primarily with online business owners, helping them find the right words to the right people. Sophy believes that empathy can be a business owner's unfair advantage, enabling them to get right inside their ideal client's heads and create an emotional connection. So that potential clients feel seen, heard, and understood stories and words are at the heart of all of her.  A lifelong bookworm. Her background is in publishing and the arts world where she worked with writers, including Margaret Atwood, Ian Rankin, and Lionel Shriver, Sophy's experience as an editor, it gives her an edge and drawing out her clients' stories, seeing connections and narrative arcs and helping them find the best ways to express who they are and what they do in a way that will connect with their ideal clients.
  • The Capable Collective Podcast podcast

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  • The Capable Collective Podcast podcast

    S3E1: Get Content Clarity with Kiara Davis


    Kiara Davis is a content strategist and a digital agency owner who's passionate about helping DIY entrepreneurs and purpose driven business owners show up confidently online in order to skyrocket their businesses to the next. Behind the brand, she's a multi-hyphenate with an array of passions and interests. In this episode, we talked about how to strategize your content more and get really clear about what you're creating.
  • The Capable Collective Podcast podcast

    S2E9: Finding Your North Star with Eve Earley


    Eve Earley has nearly 50 years of work experience across industries as varied as legal accounting manufacturing and the counseling professions. Her earliest experience delivering change management programs was that Motorola. Grounded in the techniques, which went on to become six Sigma which was in development there. Since moving to Ireland in 2008, she has worked with startups, founded a social enterprise and catalyze connections among Changemakers and reformers and social enterprises, SMEs, and micro businesses. Her career spans two global recessions. During the first, she was employed to outplace senior and C suite corporate employees made redundant in the early eighties. In 2009, she founded empowering change and applied those skills and supporting startups among the many reluctant entrepreneurs coping with the aftermath of the 2008 crisis.
  • The Capable Collective Podcast podcast

    S2E8: Rhythms for Parenting with Shari Medini


    Shari Medini and Karissa Tunis are the coauthors of Parenting While Working from Home. A monthly guide to help parents balance their careers, connect with their kids and establish their inner strength. They are also the co-owners of the popular parenting,, with six kids between them and over a decade of work from home experience. They love sharing strategies that help fellow parents minimize the overwhelm while trying to juggle it all. 
  • The Capable Collective Podcast podcast

    S2E7: Working With Your Menstrual Cycle with Miriam Tocino


    In this episode I chatted with Miriam Tocino, all about cycle tracking and working with our natural menstrual cycle. She lays out exactly what it looks like for her to work throughout the 4 phases of her cycle and how she's used this method to help her thrive in her work as an author! Miriam is former architect, turned software developer and programming teacher. As a result of her recent motherhood, she's passionate about making computers more accessible, friendly, and easy to understand for young children and encourages them to become curious about what technology is and how it works.
  • The Capable Collective Podcast podcast

    S2E6: Harnessing the Power of Self-Expression with Sasha Glasgow


    Sasha classes herself as a writer, doubter and doer, even though she's been writing in some form from the age of eight, she only started calling herself a writer last year and rebellious act against herself, doubting nature. She's an avid journaler and lover of words who wants to use them to challenge the negative narratives that women can have about themselves. In this episode, we discussed how harnessing the power of self-expression and being a rebel journaler can help you be more inline with your own seasons and needs in life.
  • The Capable Collective Podcast podcast

    S2E5: Rest, Boundaries & Self-trust with Mel Wiggins


    We are here today with Mel Wiggins. If you've been following me for any amount of time, you'll see that Mel and I's worlds are really intertwined. It started when I was working as a VA, she hired me as a virtual assistant and then I joined her community Assembly and since then we've gotten even more melded into each other's businesses and lives. And I'm really excited because Mel just has such a wealth of wisdom. She's so soulful and peaceful in the way that she brings her information and her insights. So I'm really excited to dive in and have you guys hear all about setting boundaries, trusting ourselves and making space for rest. 
  • The Capable Collective Podcast podcast

    S2E4: Lunar Cycles & Embodiment with Carla McGreevy


    Carla McGreevey is a yoga teacher who specializes in healing trauma through breath and movement. Carla is a former exercise addict who worked as an account manager for Bacardi who had a deep aversion to the idea of yoga, who then quit her full-time job with the mission to make the power of this ancient practice, widely known, accessible, and relatable to modern day people. Yoga connects you to the deep intelligence of your breath and body whose depths of intelligence science is yet to fully understand by connecting to ourselves. We can live authentically with deep connection. And remember we belong, which empowers us to live happier, more fulfilled lives. When Carla started yoga at 28, she didn't know anything about herself or what made her happiest. She didn't know about her passions. She hated her body. And couldn't feel any sensations in our body. She felt so disconnected from herself and second-guessed herself constantly. The yoga and meditation helped her with how she felt. And she learned to love and take care of herself.
  • The Capable Collective Podcast podcast

    S2E3: Creating Fulfilling Morning Rituals with Marsha Powell


    Marsha Powell, is the founder of belly view UK, a London-based girls, charity that equips girls and young women with a support network skills and competence to make informed choices about their future, committed to the development and social mobility of young women. This HR professional uses all her transferable skills, knowledge and experience. From her 15 year career and the city and her masters and personnel development to develop and sustain a platform that contributes to the female empowerment. And gender equality narrative in the UK belly gives girls and young women support guidance, education, confidence, self-esteem opportunities, positive solutions, and role models. With eight years of experience, working with girls and young women, Marsha has developed and successfully facilitated the learning of over 5,000 girls aged eight to 19, contributing to their social mobility, improved educational outcomes and wellness. Believes outcomes are delivered through employability leadership workshops and career development support, a strong believer that every girl needs a mentor.

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