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Episode 59: The History of Sheep and Herding Dogs in the UK with Natalie Soppard

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Natalie has spent almost her entire career in livestock farming having caught the bug at 11 while watching River Cottage and promptly obtaining an allotment and chickens!  She has run a commercial flock, been a contract shepherd and worked as a relief milker and calf rearer with experience of every type of system from conservation grazing and calf-at-foot to zero grazing and flocks into the thousands!  Fascinated by the relationship between people and animals she studied Anthrozoology to Masters level at Exeter University and her dissertation 'Coping with Sheep' focussed on how sheep bring resilience to Britain and could play a larger part in helping us 'cope' with changing global conditions.  She has published a few niche books including 'Man's Forgotten Friend: A History of the Ox' and 'The Eco Flock: Small Scale Shepherding for Uncertain Times'....and intends to do more!  A keen woolcrafter in her spare time with a penchant for dairy she currently has a tiny flock of shetland X BFLs for home milk and fibre production.
The Eco Flock - with Sheep - origin/relationship genome study:

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