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The Angie Lee Show - Ready is A Lie

Angie Lee

Meet Ang. Your new BFF who's here to help you own your weird, hack your health & start before you're ready. She's your energy dealer + permission slip to HAVE FUN & START MESSY. This show is for the dreamer, the multi-passionate, the creative, the curious, the ADHD, the go-getter, the side-hustler & the ambitious . Angie has a refreshing take on entrepreneurship that will make you both laugh out loud & cry tears of relief. A college & corporate dropout, Angie believes that curiosity is your compass. She gives you the hacks to crush it as an ambitious woman, find your purpose, optimize your health & turn your idea into a business. What began as health blog in her college dorm room blossomed into an international brand that helps thousands of women. Buckle up because Ang is about to serve up the best motivation and wellness hacks out there (with way too many poop jokes).

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  • The Angie Lee Show - Ready is A Lie podcast

    Stop Trying To Fit Into A Box. MULTI-PASSIONATE? 4 Tips For Getting Unstuck. Can I Be A Comedian AND A Motivational Speaker?


    Can I Be A Comedian AND A Motivational Speaker? Listen up to find out :) Multi-passionate? PRESS PLAY, baby! This is your permission slip to DATE YOUR PASSIONS, own all aspects of you + be multi-passionate!    Enjoy code "BabyGrandma" to save on my favorite anxiety, sleep + focus products! :) 
  • The Angie Lee Show - Ready is A Lie podcast

    Fertility Chat, Baby! How To Prep Your Body To Make Superbabies With Dr. Cleopatra. Egg Freezing? Does Stress Affect Fertility? How Do I Know When I Am Ovulating? Does Pull & Pray Work? Does Age Matter?


    Fertility Chat with Fertility Expert, Dr. Cleopatra! What’s up friend?! Today I chat with Fertility Expert, Dr. Cleopatra! Hang on tight friends, this is good! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: What the Primemester is What your age means for your fertility Egg freezing?! How stress affects fertility How to know when you're ovulating Does pull + pray work? All of the factors that play into your fertility What the fertility pyramid is and what the levels are AND, Dr. Cleopatra answered some of your burning questions from IG!    Fertility Program  Follow Dr. Cleopatra, here!
  • The Angie Lee Show - Ready is A Lie podcast

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  • The Angie Lee Show - Ready is A Lie podcast

    Your ENNEAGRAM questions answered! How Can Multi-Passionate 7's Get Focused? Are You A Healthy 3/Achiever? How Can A 2 Manage Boundaries? How Do I Decide Between 3 Types? Will I Be A Good Mom As A 7? Part 2


    Welcome back friend!! Today is part 2 with Tracy and it is a Q+A! I asked you guys what questions you had about the enneagram and today Tracy answers them. Let’s get into it! Time Stamps: 4:12 multi passionate 7 and getting things done 8:00 2 7’s being business partners 9:25 3 in a healthy place 12:35 5’s & awkwardness 16:05 Advice of 2’s with boundaries 21:52 Deciding between three types 27:40 7’s and motherhood 33:20 7’s and bad mom ideas   follow Tracy, here! 
  • The Angie Lee Show - Ready is A Lie podcast

    What's your ENNEAGRAM? This Personality Test Changed My Life. What Are The 9 Personality Types?


    What's up friend?! So happy to be chatting with Tracy O'Malley in this episode all about the enneagram! Interested in learning more? What's YOUR Enneagram number!? Click play to find out!  WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: Where to take the test Mistyping! Can you be more than one type? How to take the test What to do with the results How to read the results The 3 triads and which types fall into them Identifying characteristics of each type Communication + how to talk with different types (NWM and sales peeps, listen up!) Pinpoint and how to work on your weaknesses  Follow Tracy, here! 
  • The Angie Lee Show - Ready is A Lie podcast

    Meet My MOM! Momma Lee Spills The Beans On Parenting An ADHD/Neurodiverse Child + My Most Embarrassing Moment.


    Do I cry in the beginning of this episode? YUP. I am so excited to finally bring my earth angel & best friend on the show today! My Mom shares some gems around parenting when your kid has ADHD & how to embrace your kids uniqueness + how to help your kid have confidence! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: What it was like parenting me (#GodBless lol) Whether or not my mom ever considered putting me on medication for my ADHD My mom’s stance on nutrition & holistic parenting How my mom helped Mike + me identify boundaries and rules + an embarrassing story from when I was younger that no one has heard!   Want to try my favorite one stop shop for running your online biz? Try Kajabi 30 days free! 
  • The Angie Lee Show - Ready is A Lie podcast

    Your Period & Your Productivity - How To Plan Your Work Around Your Period. Match Your Aunt Flow With Your Work Flow. How To Hack Your Menstrual Cycle!


    In today’s episode Berrion Berry and I chat all things productivity + periods! We both discuss the hacks we use to optimize our flow! Ready to do the same?! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: What the phases are your cycle are and what they mean What tasks to do during each phase of your cycle Workouts for each phase Nutrition of each phase How to optimize your flow Work With Berrion Berry: Optimize Your Flo My favorite CBD to help my painful period cramps!
  • The Angie Lee Show - Ready is A Lie podcast

    This Is Why You Are Tired. 3 Secrets To More ENERGY!


    What’s up friend?! Are you ready to have more energy? Tired of being tired all the time?! Let’s chat about my top 3 hacks of how I always have so much energy! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Identity: Be the person who has energy! It is a choice. Environment: Who are you surrounding yourself with? Who do you follow on social media? What are you consuming? Authenticity: Be YOU. Take baby steps. Live in alignment.   My favorite greens juice on the planet! Code "AngieLee" saves you 15% off the entire shop! 
  • The Angie Lee Show - Ready is A Lie podcast

    5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started A PODCAST. How To Launch & Grow Your Podcast. Dude. It's Time To Start Your Podcast!


    Ready to launch, grow + monetize your own podcast? Today I chat with my friend Kacia Fitzgerald all about PODCASTING! We cover 5 top tips you need to know all about starting + growing your podcast. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Can’t be about you. Needs to be about who you serve. It’s about your audience Don’t need to be a million steps ahead of who you serve Question to ask yourself before pressing “post” If nervous, do it anyway! Be relatable How to pitch to guests Become OBSESSED with your audience! The power of consistency over perfection How to get out of analysis paralysis Work with feedback How to handle the tech 
  • The Angie Lee Show - Ready is A Lie podcast

    Live Events: How I Went From 3 to 3,000 Attendees. Top Tips For Hosting Your Live Event. How Do You Market Live Events? How Much Does It Cost? How Do Events Make Money?


    Want to host your own live event?! Buckle up, friend! I am spilling the beans on what it took to host my first live event (3 women showed up) + how I sold out Pays To Be Brave with 3,000 women!  WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: How I hosted my very first meet up in Chicago + bartered for a free space What it took to host Pays To Be Brave What did Pays To Be Brave cost? How Much Did I Make? What mistakes I made in hosting events When should you host a live event? How do you market the event? How do events make money?  Check out my favorite wellness products mentioned in this episode!  
  • The Angie Lee Show - Ready is A Lie podcast

    Poop Confessionals: COLONICS, Lymphatic Detoxing & Sweating With My Colon Hydrotherapist. Holy Sh*t This Is Good.


    TMI? YUP! We are about to take our friendship to the next level, friend! Today I chat with my Colon Hydrotherapist, Ciara Mumford. She's an expert on all things detoxing, lymphatic drainage, colonics + enemas!   Buckle up, because we break it all down! Want to know what to expect when getting a colonic? Let’s dive in!   WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: What a colonic is The two types of colonics + what to expect from each one How to prep for a colonic The benefits of a colonic + how often to get one The difference between colonics and enemas I promise this episode is one for the books!   Give some love to the sponsors of today’s episode! Use code "ANGIELEE" to save on all of my favorite health products! 

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