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The Angie Lee Show

Angie Lee

Everyone needs that friend who delivers advice with pee your pants hilarity. Entrepreneur, comedian & influencer, Angie Lee is that friend. She's truly your weird big sister you didn't know you needed. Angie is obsessed with helping you own your weird, hack your wellness + start before you're ready. This show is for the girl who doesn't play by the rules. She's multi-passionate. She's curious. She doesn't dim down her magic. She's a dreamer. She's unapologetically herself. She has no time to be anyone but herself —which is exactly what you want from a bestie. Prepare to laugh your socks off as Angie gives you her best hacks for wellness + chasing your poop-your-pants scary dreams. If you feel a dream stirring in your soul that you just can’t shake (& it's not a fart), welcome home. Grab a matcha & let's get weird. @AngieLeeShow

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