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15 Sekunden vorwärts
Bonus Banter: Our Top Picks In this special episode of Stop the Killing, hosts Katherine Schweit and Sarah Ferris chat about their favorite bonus episodes from this season. Tune in to hear their top picks and why they found these episodes particularly compelling. Show Notes: Introduction and recap of this season's bonus episodes Hosts discuss their personal favorites and why they stood out Insights into the making of the bonus episodes and behind-the-scenes stories Don't miss this fun and engaging conversation about our favorite bonus episodes! Listen now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Support the show by signing up for ad-free, early access, and bonus content on Check out the video version of the episode on YouTube @sarahferris9682. And if you are wanting AD FREE | EARLY ACCESS | BONUS CONTENT  HIT THE BANNER ON APPLE PODCASTS TO SUBSCRIBE OR SUPPORT US:  Send us your Listener Questions for our Tuesday episodes  Message us on instagram :  @conmunitypodcast @stopthekillingstories And for all things Katherine Schweit including where you can purchase her book STOP THE KILLING: How to end the mass shooting crisis head to: SUPPORTING OUR SPONSORS, SUPPORTS THE PODCAST CRIMECON UK TICKETS HERE CRIMECON US TICKETS HERE DON’T forget to use DISCOUNT CODE “FERRIS”  BLENDJET Check out BlendJet: The original portable blender coupon: stk12 (case sensitive) custom URL:   Go to and use code stk12 to save 12% off your order OR use my special link, and the discount will be applied at checkout RESOURCES Stop the Bleed training FBI  RUN, HIDE, FIGHT This is a CONmunity Podcast Production on the Killer Podcasts Network Check out more: CONNING THE CON KLOOGHLESS - THE LONG CON GUILTY GREENIE Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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