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Season 5 Episode 18: "Revival: Thriving Thru Thrifting with Caresse"

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
Southside Tribe! We are back with a sneak uppercut from the depths! This week we have our longtime friend, stylist, fashion designer, entrepreneur extraordinaire and biblical scholar, Caresse. Just one word, like Oprah. Join us and witness the grace that has been bestowed upon her life, her heart for those around her and her thriving thrifting business. We discuss our dependence on the Lord, the ease of just saying what you believe, and get insight into Dangerous Joy. We expound on the God of the Bible, the Greatest Designer, including how He enjoys his own creation, as it were, "singing about it", and how we are representations of that creative agency right here in His world. Pull up! Contact Caresse here: IG: Website: Full episode on all audio platforms, video and bonus content on our Patreon community!! Become a Patreon member for Early Access & Exclusive Content - Follow us Online: Google Podcasts - Email us at [email protected] Southside Rabbi is proudly sponsored Native Supply Intro music produced by Randeaux- Contact at [email protected] Outro music produced by KB. All rights reserved by their respective owners.

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