Son of a Pitch with Michael Koenka podcast

Son of a Pitch with Michael Koenka

Michael Koenka

This is not a podcast for the faint of heart. Join me as we annihilate boundaries, baulk conventions and unlock the disturbing process of finding your calling in the colossal clusterf*ck we call life. You might want to bring your towel for this.

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  • Son of a Pitch with Michael Koenka podcast

    Shrimp Cocktails and Great Conversations - with Rogier Schmits


    Nobody does smart, chill, and happy like Rogier. We've known each other for some years and I've always been impressed with the way he looks at the world. We both have a love for asking the right questions, and you'll find that our pretty quickly in this friendly chat.
  • Son of a Pitch with Michael Koenka podcast

    Pure, Unadulterated, Hustle and Grind with Johanna Dalman of Alopecia Angel


    Driven, hard-working and passionate. I don't use these words lightly. But that's exactly how I would describe this woman. Johanna Dalman, founder of Alopecia Angel, joins us to talk about her journey to the other side of the pond, and what major life-changing moment drove her to entrepreneurial success.
  • Son of a Pitch with Michael Koenka podcast

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  • Son of a Pitch with Michael Koenka podcast

    Always Be Curious - Challenging the Norm with Leonard Bukenya and Michael Koenka


    Great to share a conversation about meaning, curiosity, and the future of innovation with my dear friend Leonard Bukenya, Partner at the corporate accelerator and world-changing startup hub Aim for the Moon. This is a chat you won't want to miss.
  • Son of a Pitch with Michael Koenka podcast

    The Grit Behind the Grind: A Lovely Chat with Michael Koenka and Anthony Rose


    For those of us in the European investment circle, Anthony's company is one leading the fray in helping founders take the stress out of securing investment. But today we sit down and unpack what the hustle and bustle really is all about, and pick up a thing or two about doing what we love.
  • Son of a Pitch with Michael Koenka podcast

    Take Your Best Shot - Michael Koenka and Hendrik Halbe


    This week's conversation is with an interesting figure in the Dutch and international startup scene. Hendrik, founder of Get in the Ring and the Unknown Group, is a great representation of grit and perseverance. And this week we explore what it took to turn an idea into a movement that changed how people present themselves and their ideas. Give it a listen.
  • Son of a Pitch with Michael Koenka podcast

    Troy McCann - Innerspace


    Speaking with a guy like Troy is an inspiration. Almost singlehandedly, Troy has been a leading figure in the Australian, and global, space community. With mentors only dreams could imagine, to teams and companies that boggle the mind, his accelerator, Moonshot Space, is definitely one to watch in this nascent industry. We talk about life, the universe, and crazy stories. Here's to the next frontier. 
  • Son of a Pitch with Michael Koenka podcast

    Tooth Fairy Crypto


    Not long ago I was hanging out with my daughter. We talked about lots of things, and one of them was money. Specifically, how she wants to have hers managed, distributed. Despite being a six-year old, her insights were strangely profound. Here's my thoughts on our talk.
  • Son of a Pitch with Michael Koenka podcast

    Kevin 'Blaxtar' de Randamie | Create Your Best Life


    The word impressive doesn't do this man justice. From disrupting the Dutch Hip-Hop scene, to running his own record label by the time most people apply to their first jobs, Kevin is a man with a seemingly unstoppable vision. A family man, a man of faith, and a man with heart of gold - Kevin sat down with us today to share his journey and belief in the power of creativity in life and entrepreneurship.
  • Son of a Pitch with Michael Koenka podcast

    Choose Life - Bart Hendrikx


    This week we meet Bart Hendrikx. Bart is a wonderful soul with a joie de vivre that comes out in everything he does. A people-mover and ambitious energy-seeker, he's a real interesting human with tons to share. From ambitions to regrets to life and everything in it, our talk brought to light some of the finer elements of what it means to choose life and never stop.
  • Son of a Pitch with Michael Koenka podcast

    On Tigers and Turtles - Johanna Lehmann


    Johanna Lehmann is CEO of Tiger and Turtle, a brilliant shop set-up by a wonderfully ambitious woman. Her story is one of perseverance, resilience and self-awareness. Traits a lot of successful entrepreneurs either have or aspire to achieve. We sat down together to explore why meaningful leadership and a strong sense of self is so important in life, and everything in-between.

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