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SOBER SEX focuses on conversations about what self-integrity, spirituality and personal evolution look like for different people as we learn to be and accept ourselves sexually and intimately. Featuring your hosts @louisahhh and @rosieromain and wise, weird, rad guests 🖤🖤🖤

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    Amber Sisson: Menstruation Genius


    Amber (she/her) is a menstrual cycle coach and educator, equality warrior, as well an aspiring social scientist. Amber's main vision is decolonizing the menstrual cycle experience, helping menstruators to experience transformational menstrual embodiment through education and holistic healing, however that may look for feel for them.  This conversation is revealing, empowering and enlightening, and we love Amber whole-heartedly! May you love this episode as much as we do.  
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    Acting as a rebellious force and the main antagonist of bass music, there’s no one like MUST DIE! We had the pleasure of talking to the delightful paradox that is Lee Austin Bates about his experiences within creativity, sobriety and sexuality, mental health and fatherhood.   Check him out at
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  • SOBER SEX podcast

    Brutal Recovery on Brutal Recovery


    Loz McQ, otherwise known as ‘@brutalrecovery’, discusses making light from pain through laughter, pre-sobriety ‘disassociative sex mission’ and the indomitable spirit of recovery. We loved recording this funny, profound and enlightening episode, we hope you love listening to it. Check out Loz’s memes (and general incredible magic) at @brtualrecovery on instagram or Reading List: -The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron -The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield -I Love Pussy, A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer -Animal by Lisa Taddeo
  • SOBER SEX podcast

    Brooke Randolph: Sober and Hungry


    Brooke Randolph is the founder of ’ Sober and Hungry’. She is a certified nutritionist and life coach who aims to help clients find holistic resilience and well-being, with a curriculum tailored to create lasting change.  More specifically, she works with 12-step oriented healing around food and body issues. It is a delight to talk to her on this episode of Sober Sex.
  • SOBER SEX podcast

    Fucking Sober on Sober Sex, with Max


    Max B aka fucking sober is one of the funniest people on the internet, especially when it comes to the hilariously painful joys and struggles of early recovery.  While remaining largely anonymous, Max is kind enough to chat with us here on sober sex about sober sex, of course, but also, sober fatherhood, sober partnership, NOT being sober while in active alcoholism and what it’s like to be simultaneously internet famous and anonymous.  Warning: If you're sensitive to awkward pauses in conversation, something weird was going on with our internet so we either had giant lags or talked over each other for most of the show.  We tried to fix this in editing but be warned! Otherwise this is a great conversation. 
  • SOBER SEX podcast

    Baeleche : Open to Growth


    Bae Leche aka Bree is a sex and relationship coach, fantasy facilitator and self proclaimed 'kinky mama' who specialized in non traditional, ferociously loving and creative ways of exploring the erotic.  We discuss motherhood, poly and open relationships, the challenging journey to embracing all of one's sexuality and depth of desire.  We are thrilled to have her on the show! 
  • SOBER SEX podcast

    Katie Rex of Bound


    Katie Rex is a dj, promoter, and producer.  She has founded one of New York’s most awesome techno/fetish parties, has a powerful story around her own sexuality and journey within recovery.  Kate is a wise, funny badass and our conversation covers everything from finding empowerment and healing in kink spaces, normalization and celebration of sex work and what being intentional with her energy looks like today.  Find her on the web at and bound at @bound_nyc or  Thrillingly, this is also the first episode that Lily co-hosts while Rose is on maternity leave.  Please ignore bizarre audio noise in the first 3 minutes (it passes!) Find us at @fuckyeahsobersex on instagram and @sobersexpodcast on twitter.  LINK RATE REVIEW SUBSCRIBE SHARE etc etc
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    Lily Noelle Rogers: Adventures in Sobriety


    Lily Noelle Rogers is an adventurer. A dear friend and amazing human, Lily has worked in realms as diverse and exciting as live music event production, sober companion, photographer, food writer, world traveler, drone pilot, red cross worker and costumer.  Thrillingly, she is going to be subbing in for Rose as co-host while Rose goes on maternity leave.  This conversation is a deep and healing one about the possibility of recovery and healing from deep wounds into a space of liberated love, in addition to our own story of friendship and adventures in sobriety together.   TRIGGER WARNING: we discuss sexual abuse and rape, if these are sensitive issues for you, please skip this episode.  
  • SOBER SEX podcast



    Described by Klub Verboten founder Karl as ‘gatekeeper and mindful soul who always puts the world right and keeps us tied to our core values’, we are thrilled to welcome to the show Drew Beckett, an integral part of one of London’s most celebrated kink/fetish parties !
  • SOBER SEX podcast

    JOANNA BARBER: @theothersideoffear


    Joanna is an accomplished agent in the dance music industry, in addition to being a personal trainer.  Hailing from the UK, now based in Berlin, she is the founder of the ‘six zero experiment’, which focuses on connecting dance music professionals with a community of like-minded individuals for sixty days of abstinence from drugs and alcohol. This is a holistic, peer-supported approach that is tailored to help those working in an industry that is high risk for drug and alcohol use-disorders, and involves looking at both physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of our relationship with substances to help us grow towards health and freedom

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