Practice Thinkers Podcast podcast

Practice Thinkers Podcast

Peter Arnott

This podcast is an attempt to understand the rules of the game, the rules of getting better at golf. Help you think about practice. Help you master the art and science of meaningful practice to unleash your golfing potential. Trying to understand what are the rules of the game to get better at golf faster? What's the secret to lower golf scores? How can we design practice that accelerates your progress? Your host, Peter Arnott, has asked all these questions, and found some of the answers, however, is still searching and has made loads of mistakes on the way. He’s inviting you to join his search. Now, Pete’s sharing you his experiences of his research and the application he’s applied in 000’s of hours of coaching. Some of the strategies he wishes he’d known when he started coaching. The advice he wished he’d received when trying to help golfers become more consistent, try, and change their golf swing or help them with more optimal practice. If you ever feel like you're the only one who hasn't cracked the rules to getting better at golf then this show is for you. Prepare to walk away from every episode feeling like you understand a little bit more about getting better at golf.

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