Siemens Process Automation Digitalization Tech Talks podcast

Siemens Process Automation Digitalization Tech Talks

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Hosted by Siemens Process Automation group, Digitalization Tech Talks provides updates on the newest digital technology, trends, and ready-to-implement digital technologies within process industries.

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  • Siemens Process Automation Digitalization Tech Talks podcast

    EP 9: Bringing out the best in control valves


    Control valves have always been a hot topic in process plants because they can cause unplanned, costly shutdowns if not maintained properly. But when do you know when it’s maintenance time? Traditional approaches have been to do it at regular intervals, use the experience of the maintenance crew or opt for a time-based maintenance approach. Today, however, diagnostics and analytics data is much more easily accessible, which makes it possible to move from reactive to predictive and eventually prescriptive maintenance. Listen to today’s episode where Don Mack and Jonas Norinder talk with Frank Fortino about valve monitoring and how it can improve process control, enable better maintenance planning and minimize those dreaded unplanned shutdowns.
  • Siemens Process Automation Digitalization Tech Talks podcast

    EP8: How to Prioritize and Implement Digital Technologies


    Generally this podcast is about the newest technologies for digitalization within the process industries, but when an organization is interested in these technologies, how do you take the first step? I am joined once again by one of our digitalization consultants, Jonas Norinder, and we will be diving into our methodology for helping customers prioritize and implement their digital transformation. Contact Info: Jonas Norinder: Links Our upcoming webinar mentioned: Our Upcoming workshop mentioned:
  • Siemens Process Automation Digitalization Tech Talks podcast

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  • Siemens Process Automation Digitalization Tech Talks podcast

    EP7: Mobile Operations and the Mobile Worker


    With the digital technologies available today enabling mobile operations, the future of the process industries worker is already here. Through smart devices, technicians can access off-site instrumentation experts for maintenance support, and process control operators can access DCS HMI screens even when they are not in the control room. I am diving into this topic with Iiro Esko, Siemens chemical industry manager, with over 10 years of experience in process industry digitalization and the application of digital twins across value chains. Show Links: Remote Maintenance Service Tablet - MxD (Manufacturing x Digital) - The home of our future demo skid mentioned in the conversation. - Iiro's Upcoming Webinar - The Digital Worker of the (Near) Future - Contact Info: Ben Clark - Iiro Esko -
  • Siemens Process Automation Digitalization Tech Talks podcast

    EP6: Trends and Challenges in Process Control


    On our podcast we are always talking about the latest in digitalization in the sense of new technologies and new digital solutions that are starting to be used in the process industries. Well in this episode we are looking at something more familiar, process control systems, and more specifically, how they are adapting and changing with the growing capabilities and trends of digitalization. Joining me in this episode is Amanda Thompson, our subject matter expert for Siemens PCS Neo, siemens new web based process control system. Tune in to learn more about what a web based process control system is and how its preparing operators in the digital age. Contact Info: Ben Clark: Amanda Thompson: or connect with Amanda on LinkedIn HERE! Click here to learn more about PCS Neo
  • Siemens Process Automation Digitalization Tech Talks podcast

    EP5: Practical Use Cases for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


    As the digital transformation in manufacturing progresses, an increasing amount of data is becoming available. Artificial intelligence gives plant personnel the opportunity to analyze and convert this data into useful information from which actionable decisions can be made. In this episode we are diving into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I am joined by Don Mack and Clayton French to talk about how process industries customers are using these technologies today, and some of the key considerations to getting started with leveraging these technologies to gain valuable insights for your own organization. Contact Info: Ben Clark: Don Mack: Clayton French: AI Webinar mentioned in this episode:
  • Siemens Process Automation Digitalization Tech Talks podcast

    EP4: Digitalization Consulting Overview and Common Questions Asked about Digitalization


    In this first episode of 2021 we are joined by one of our digitalization consultants, Jonas, to hear about some of the conversations he has with customers about how to make digitalization work for them based on their needs. We will also talk about how they can start transforming their business. We will dive into some of the most common questions we get about digitalization in the process industries, the different types of technologies that are commonly being used within the process Industries, and some real world examples of solutions we have helped customers implement. For any questions about digitalization or digitalization consulting, feel free to contact Ben or Jonas below. Contact Information:, For the blog Jonas mentions about more common questions customers have about digitalization, Click Here.
  • Siemens Process Automation Digitalization Tech Talks podcast

    EP3: Digital Solution Spotlight - RTLS & Sietrace


    As plants and manufacturing facilities work to return to full capacity with the new challenges created by the pandemic, operation managers and health and safety officials must keep employees safe while also optimizing production.  The SieTrace application, together with the SIMATIC Real Time Locating System (RTLS), can help plant managers and operation managers optimize facility layouts and protect employee health reliably and efficiently. By monitoring customer defined unsafe interactions, SieTrace can help minimize virus transmission and provide vital contact tracing with a recorded history of employee interactions. Episode Resources: Guest Contact info - Nicole Lauther,; Clayton French, Digital Enterprise Labs Contact info - Simatic RTLS - Sietrace - Social distancing with RTLS -
  • Siemens Process Automation Digitalization Tech Talks podcast

    EP2: Engineered Instrument Solutions (EIS) Team


    Siemens understands that no two businesses are the same and that your differentiation is your competitive advantage. The Engineered Instrument Solutions team serves as the glue between our different PA businesses to design comprehensive, customized and cost effective solutions for the process industries. Join Ben Clark and Larry Anderson to discuss how the EIS team can provide solutions like remote monitoring applications, communications enclosures, and more. Website:
  • Siemens Process Automation Digitalization Tech Talks podcast

    EP1: Digital Solution Spotlight - store IQ


    Siemen's store IQ is a remote monitoring application that offers today’s facility operators and managers the ability to remotely monitor the activity and health of process equipment, regardless of whether it’s local to the plant or in the most remote of locations. Information can be uploaded to the cloud and then used to provide you with real-time monitoring of multiple assets, retrieving real-time data from multiple remote sites for your user group, anywhere and any time. Learn more about store IQ here : EIS (Engineered Instrument Solutions) team page :
  • Siemens Process Automation Digitalization Tech Talks podcast

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