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Ep.2.20: “Fontaine of Wisdom” with James Darren

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Season 2, episode 20 is here. Dominic, Connor, and Mark have an awesome conversation with everyone's favorite holographic crooner, James Darren - Vic Fontaine of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

This absolute legend has lived a life... South Philly, over 60 years of marriage, signing a studio deal. Touring. Acting. Being close friends & colleagues with all the greats. Vegas, baby, Vegas. TV star. Movie star. Director. And - of course... Star Trek. This conversation could have gone on all day and still be great.

Our beloved Erica LaRose is away today, but she will be back soon. Wash is out of uniform again, but looking good. We get some fan questions in, play a round of Star Trek Trivia, and we subject Frakes to being "Stuck on a Deserted Island with Connor Trinneer.” Get ready to have a laugh.


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