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Shaping the Future by Regent Street

Elizabeth Day + Regent Street

Launched to celebrate Regent Street’s 200th anniversary year, Shaping The Future is a cultural podcast brought to you directly from this iconic London street that has hosted and helped shaped so many of the cultural milestones over the years. Host Elizabeth Day will take you on a journey across fashion, wellness, art and design, sustainability and more, speaking to experts who are helping to mould the future of these cultural forces today.

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  • Shaping the Future by Regent Street podcast

    Shaping the Future of Building Places


    For our final episode, Elizabeth delves into building places of our future. From creating a sense of occasion, to sensory experiences and the impact of wildlife, sustainability and accessibility, this episode shines a light on the cultural and physical elements that will inform the future of iconic places such as Regent Street. To discuss this topic in depth we’ve got the renowned Marcus Fairs, co-founder of trailblazing Design and Architecture magazine Dezeen.
  • Shaping the Future by Regent Street podcast

    Shaping the Future of Beauty by Regent Street


    With some of the most exciting and creative innovations shaping the future of beauty across the world, this week Elizabeth and guests Funmi Fetto and Sasha Sabapathy delve into the path that lies ahead. Drawing on their extensive backgrounds and formidable roles in the industry, Funmi, Executive Editor & Beauty Director Glamour, talks us through diversity in beauty and the path sustainability is forging within the industry, whilst founder of Glow Bar - one of a number of world class beauty experiences on Regent Street - Sasha, discusses beauty from the inside out using natural herbs and infrared saunas to combat everyday stress on the body.
  • Shaping the Future by Regent Street podcast

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  • Shaping the Future by Regent Street podcast

    Shaping the Future of Digital Experiences


    This week Elizabeth and guests, Louise Watkins, the head of Sector Retail for Microsoft, Paul Noble, co-founder and creative director of Spiritland and Alex Sbardella, from trends and insights consultancy GDR Creative Intelligence, discuss what the future of digital experience in retail will look like, and how it is taking shape already. So whether its AI, robot barista’s or self-driving stores that come straight to your doorstep, our three expert guests unpack it all - fusing the clean cut efficiency of technology with the human want (and need) for contact, connection and often an analogue, experiential in-store experience.
  • Shaping the Future by Regent Street podcast

    Shaping the Future of Art & Design by Regent Street: The Spirit of Christmas Special


    To mark the iconic moment when the Regent Street Christmas lights will be switched on next Thursday 14th November, Elizabeth Day chats to the mastermind behind the iconic Spirits that soar down the street. Paul Dart from James Glancy Designs takes us on a Christmas journey from the mechanics of the beautiful light installation, to the story behind their creation, drawing on inspiration from the first ever Christmas lights display in London on Regent Street in 1954, as well as potential future experiences to influence the designs and contemplating the role art and design will play in the future of public spaces.
  • Shaping the Future by Regent Street podcast

    Shaping the Future of Sustainability and Fashion


    Sustainability and Fashion - a duo currently tearing up old practises and carving a new path into the future. In this episode, Elizabeth champions trailblazing guests and brands who are leading the way in the fashion and textiles industry. Elizabeth is joined byKate Finnigan, fashion journalist for The Finanical Times, British Vogue and Eco-Age, driving conversation surrounding the initiatives big fashion companies are taking to respond to the outcry of more sustainable fashion. Alongside Kate, is Cyndi Rhoades, who founded Worn Again Technologies, the pioneering and exciting company that is set to revolutionise our recycling capabilities of textiles, and provide a much more cyclical approach to trends and how we make our clothes. Lastly, and by no means least, the conversation is joined by Oliver Wayman – Co-founder of Regent Street’s BOTTLETOP - a progressive, ethical accessories brand that is taking an innovative look at retail and sustainability.
  • Shaping the Future by Regent Street podcast

    Shaping the Future of Celebrations


    Celebrations and festivals make up a cornerstone in human history and are used to mark momentous occasions, or as is the case with the guest and celebration today, to effect massive, positive change. Alison Camps is the co-chair of Pride In London and she has been instrumental in making Pride In London more accessible to marginalised groups and today's episode unpicks how Pride in London was conceived, how it works with Regent Street and the behind the scenes mechanisms that enable this brilliant event to take place.
  • Shaping the Future by Regent Street podcast

    Shaping the Future of Fashion & Style by Regent Street


    When built, Regent Street was the original purpose-built shopping street for the capital and over 200 years it has grown into a world-renowned destination that is known for its world-class shopping. Today, Regent Street is home to a host of premier flagships and firsts, including global fashion retailers such as Tory Burch, Burberry, Coach, Kate Spade and J. Crew. In this episode, Elizabeth talks to Vogue’s Fashion Features Editor, Ellie Pithers and Dylan Jones OBE, Editor in Chief at GQ. Together, they discuss the future of the fashion industry from the rise of online retailers and the consequential multi-platform approach fashion brands have taken, to the future of catwalks and the effect of David Attenborough on the fashion industry. How is the fashion industry dealing with sustainability? How does the current generation of young British designers compare to last? Have a listen to find out.
  • Shaping the Future by Regent Street podcast

    Shaping The Future of Wellness by Regent Street


    With leggings and spin classes taking the place of cosmos and nightclubs, it's safe to say that wellness has taken the world by storm. This week, Elizabeth talks to wellness expert and founder of Well to Do Lauren Armes, Editor-in-Chief of the juggernaut that is Women's Health Claire Sanderson, and Lindsay Bare, the Area Director of Lululemon Europe. Together, they discuss how this influential industry is shaping our retail experiences of the present including the physical building process of the spaces we live and work in as well as its impact on our society in the future.
  • Shaping the Future by Regent Street podcast

    Shaping The Future of Shopping by Regent Street


    The evolution of our retail experience has been largely shaped by the introduction of technology as retailers have adopted the ease and accessibility that this has brought to the industry. So, what does the future have in store? Kick-starting this debut season, Elizabeth Day tackles this very question with Caroline Baldwin, Editor at Essential Retail, and Millie Lloyd, customer experience manager at Regent Street's L’Occitane. With customer experience leading the way, we cover everything from the real pronunciation of L’Occitane to sustainability, tech, virtual reality and much, much more.
  • Shaping the Future by Regent Street podcast

    Shaping the Future of Food and Dining by Regent Street


    With sustainability at the forefront of our minds and one in three of all food produced globally going to waste, understanding how to prevent food waste is more important than ever before. Regent Street & St James's are leading the charge in this with their Food Waste Pledge, a pioneering movement inviting 11 dining destinations to commit to the future by reducing waste by 25% by May 2020. In honour of this, Elizabeth Day talks with Melissa Hemsley, British vogue sustainability columnist, Henry Dimbleby OBE, co-founder of Leon and the Sustainable Restaurant Association and Emmy Van Beek head of sustainability at London's favourite Steak restaurant - Hawksmoor. Together, they discuss everything from identifying sustainable restaurants to a future of LED grown lettuces and devices that can scan your cauliflower for its nutrient content. What does all of this mean for the food industry and the future of sustainable eating? Have a listen to find out.

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