Shakti Speaks podcast

Shakti Speaks

Nala and Marco

Shakti Speaks is an invitation into presence, a re-centering around what is truly central to human & spiritual evolution, a call for change, a ground for truth, an honoring of the feminine, and an opening of the heart. Tenderly and fiercely devoted to the clarifying light of truth, Shakti Speaks explores illuminating topics such as: spiritual materialism, women’s empowerment, esoteric yoga and authentic tantra, sacred sexuality, conscious relationship, the path of the Goddess, social engineering and tyranny, trauma, holistic health and wellbeing, and the journey of sincere spiritual awakening. Drawing from our backgrounds in esoteric yoga, trauma healing, and embodiment, we explore the bridge between the spiritual and the material, presencing that which creates harmony between the two. Devoted to the feminine, Shakti Speaks features voices of the Yin revolution and offers a platform to those naturally dedicated to women’s empowerment and the awakening of the human spirit. Hosts Nala and Marco keep it light, playful, and heartfelt, yet deep, intimate, and real. Shakti is the power of creation. Shakti is our purest essence. Shakti is the Mother of Life. Shakti Speaks.

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