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Selling Through Partnering Skills

Fred Copestake

Fred Copestake is the podcast host and author of the book ‘Selling Through Partnering Skills’. The concept of partnering intelligence (PQ) forms the basis of discussions with show guests.  Fred is a consultant, trainer, coach and an expert in helping sales professionals around the world improve their performance and unleash their full potential. He uses the elements of PQ to help salespeople develop a more modern collaborative approach to selling.   The elements of PQ are: Trust  Win-win orientation  Interdependence   Self-disclosure and feedback  Comfort with change  Future orientation  Connect with Fred on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Selling Through Partnering Skills podcast

    Chris van Praag - Social Selling: More Content Creation


    Chris has had a facetime with his own brain. It is all part of an approach to create awareness in a clever and amusing way. Why? Because he enjoys it and it works. Whether the intention is personal branding or pure lead generation, he has seen the success of using video and having some fun. He talks about creating content to use at a more individual level as well as to a wider audience and how salespeople would be foolish to miss the opportunity video offers. Learn more from Chris here:
  • Selling Through Partnering Skills podcast

    Fred Copestake - Sharing a Sales Secret for Success


    Sales has changed, and if we don't keep up with it, our potential for failure will increase. In this episode, Fred talks about the challenges of modern selling across three areas: 1. Busy, busy, busy 2. Oldy worldy 3. Muddled mindset, and specifically how you can use partnering skills (PQ) to become more collaborative. Learn more at
  • Selling Through Partnering Skills podcast

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  • Selling Through Partnering Skills podcast

    Will Aitken - Social Selling: Content Creation


    Creating content makes a difference. This is why Will Aitken is in a new role that intends to 'do some honour to the sales profession'. He was offered this based on the content he produced. In this episode, he shares how he made this form of communication really work for him when things started to happening and conversations moved on from where he left them... all because of what he was posting. When customers are booking demos and asking for you in person it shows that this is time well spent. With authenticity, consistency, and elements, Will shares his ideas on getting going in a fast-developing area that sales professionals would do well to understand and embrace. Connect with your host Fred Copestake at
  • Selling Through Partnering Skills podcast

    Niraj Kapur - Everybody Works in Sales


    Niraj talks about his crimes against human rights and his disappointment in the actions of salespeople. However, he is neither really a tyrant or negative person and shares his enthusiasm for good selling. Listen for solid advice on how to make a positive impact on customers with a mindset to serve the person.  Key insights include: No magic dust, Considered communication, and Business is relationships.  Connect with Niraj Kapur on LinkedIn, and with Fred Copestake at 
  • Selling Through Partnering Skills podcast

    Mark Hunter - A Mind for Sales


    Mark says it is a shame we even have to talk about trust in sales, and maybe we do as salespeople might not actually trust themselves. Yet building trust is key, not least because a higher degree of trust often leads to a lower need to negotiate. Salespeople need to get ahead of the game as customers don't buy things for today. Key insights include: Trust is currency of business, Doing damage to your reputation, and Go three levels deep. Connect with Mark on LinkedIn, and with your host Fred Copestake at
  • Selling Through Partnering Skills podcast

    Gabrielle 'GB' Blackwell - Sales Witchcraft


    Gabrielle explains what a 'SaaStress' is then uses the associated mystical powers to deliver an episode packed full of value. Beginning with a two-stage approach to building, we then go on a magical tour of what good selling entails with some great advice on internal relationships. The conversation turns to management - and if 'hippy dippy' is the right way to describe the approach then more managers need to take an interest in this! Key insights include: reporting first = reporting best, be present in the moment, and 'recognise, respond, react'.  Connect with Gabrielle on LinkedIn, and with your host Fred at 
  • Selling Through Partnering Skills podcast

    Justin Leigh - True Influence & Bold Thinking


    Justin Leigh shares key elements of his INSPIRE model, including how to build relationships FAST with new people and why modern sales success needs BOLD thinking.   Mindset plays a key element and salespeople need to feel that deserve to be infront of customers. Leading with insight can help remove the unintentional blinkers and prove to be the real point of differentiation.   Connect with Fred at, and visit Justin on LinkedIn!   Podcast sponsored by Remaster Media.
  • Selling Through Partnering Skills podcast

    Rajiv Nathan - Que Pasa?


    Rajiv 'RajNATION' Nathan takes time out from his Rap-preneur and MC duties to share his thinking on how salespeople can be more effective. A big fan of storytelling, Raj explains a structure that can be used to explain what you do from a customer's perspective. He talks about how #video is a great way to convey #sales messages and how customers can be primed to ask your #competitors questions that make you look good! Connect with Fred at Connect with Raj on LinkedIn Head to to get your free pitch guide! Podcast sponsored by Remaster Media.  
  • Selling Through Partnering Skills podcast

    Selling IT - How Salespeople Delight


    Salespeople can be successful by: - Talking to me about industry challenges in my market and finding out more about the current challenges. - Deciding before they sell to me, will it fit... and be brave enough to say "you know what... I can’t help you, but let’s stay in touch." - If they do can help me, get me the best deal first time, with a solution to fix my problem and do it right first time.   Podcast sponsored by Remaster Media.
  • Selling Through Partnering Skills podcast

    Sam Dunning - Have Fun in Discovery


    Sam Dunning explains why the discovery phase is his favourite part of the sale, and shares his approach to making this a solid foundation for what will follow. Agreements made and information shared at this stage can be used throughout the process and when used alongside tools like Mutual Action Plans can have a positive impact on selling. Many of his lessons are hard earned and his story of how he sold LinkedIn is not to missed! Key insights include: use an upfront contract, search for a trigger event, and agree deliverables. Connect with Sam and Fred on LinkedIn! Podcast sponsored by Remaster Media.

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