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Satoshi’s Mind hosts the C.O.O and founder of Labs. Join Florian Reike and his co-host, Connor Kwiecien, as they explore the latest topics in blockchain and Web 3.0 innovation.

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    Ep. 6: "Navigating data privacy in the Web3 space with Julian Leitloff"


    In this episode, Florian and Connor talk to Julian Leitloff about his journey to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur within the Web3 space. Having co-founded his own business and taking it over $1 million in revenue at 22, Julian was named as one of Forbes 30 under 30 in 2016. Julian started his career in banking but soon turned to academia, completing his graduate degree at Zeppelin University paired with research at the Chair of Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation on alternative finance. Now for the last several years, Julian has been CEO and co-founder of Fractal which is an open-source, zero-margin protocol that enables the world to take back control of their own personal and behavioral data. Florian and Connor discuss with Julian about his experience navigating open source protocol for exchanging data in a fair and open way. Listen to this episode to hear Julian share his story of how he got into the world of Web3 along with his personal ideology behind data privacy and Web3. You can find Fractal on Twitter at @fractalPRTCL and Julian @JulianLeitloff.
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    Ep. 5: "Building on Bitcoin with Elan Nahari"


    Have you ever wondered what it was like to use RSK to build on Bitcoin? Elan Nahari, Sovryn contributor, talks about just that with Connor and Florian in addition to DeFi and a whole lot more. Before jumping into the cryptocurrency space, our guest Elan was a corporate and securities attorney, focused on technology mergers and acquisitions. Then, when he became aware of crypto’s potential in 2013, he established the first DLT practice at Meiter, Israel’s leading technology law firm. Elan then co-founded BXIL and Epiphyte, two companies focused on the Bitcoin payments space. Prior to working on CementDAO, Elan was a lead enterprise commercial executive for blockchain and cloud technologies at Microsoft in the New York metro region. And now, Elan works on ecosystem partnerships for Sovryn. Take a listen to hear Elan's story of how he decided to take the step from being an attorney into the crypto space and how his experience led him to what he's working on today. You can find sovryn on Twitter @Sovrynbtc and head to their website
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  • Satoshi’s Mind podcast

    Ep. 4: "Innovating Crypto Communities with Michael Healy"


    In this episode, Florian and Connor talk to Michael Healy about his experiences as an app developer and entrepreneur. Michael is co-founder of Unit.Ventures, focused on communities, marketplaces and tokens. Michael has also built several successful businesses with exits ranging from Chatride, an encrypted peer-to-peer video conferencing technology, Ratemash, once one of the UK’s largest student social networks, the Wikileaks Android app and many niche mobile apps used by millions of users worldwide.
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    Ep. 3: “Identifying Value in Investing with Richard Malone”


    In this episode, Florian and Connor talk to Richard Malone about his experiences growing in the DLT space as a consultant and investor. Richard started as a Staff Writer at CoinCentral in 2018 and is currently the Head of Digital Assets Weild & Co. and a Director at Ascender Ventures. Richard and Florian discuss the nuances of investing and how they identify value in investing in blockchain start-ups.
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    Ep. 2: "Rethinking Intellectual Property With Paul Kohlhaas"


    In this episode, Florian and Connor talk to Paul Kohlhaas about his experiences venture building in the Ethereum ecosystem. Paul has assisted with the launching of multiple ventures with Consensys and now runs, a financing solution built on blockchain for researchers. He serves as Vice Chairman of Advanced Blockchain AG. He has a deep interest in debugging the global economy and using Web 3.0 as a tool for innovation transformation.
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    Satoshi’s Mind Ep. 1: “Bring the Crowd”


    In this episode, Florian and Connor talk to Ingamar Ramirez about his experiences in the blockchain industry, and the promises of crowdfunding and crowdlending. Ingamar has consulted a number of blockchain startups on marketing and content strategy. As former Head of Marketing and Business Development at Celsius Network, he specialized in b2b sales while curating their weekly newsletter, Twitter accounts, and press releases. He ran two seasons as the host of Top of the Block podcast, and his writings have featured on Hackernoon and Bankless.

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