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RunBuzz Running Podcast

Steve Carmichael

A running podcast for runners who want practical training, nutrition, and mindset tips that integrate with your busy lifestyle. The RunBuzz running podcast features expert advice from experienced coaches, fitness experts, trainers, mindset coaches, physical therapists, nutritionists as well as everyday, recreational runners. Host Steve Carmichael s a USA Track and Field / RRCA certified running coach, health and wellness coach, running club director, and speaker with over 10 years of coaching experience.

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  • RunBuzz Running Podcast podcast

    RB156: Jeff Galloway - Olympian and Founder of the Galloway Run Walk Run Method


    I speak with Jeff Galloway, a running legend, Olympian, author, speaker, and founder of the Galloway Run Walk Run method. He founded the first running specialty store known, participated in the 1972 Olympic Games, and is the author of two dozen books. We talk about his early days, the terrorist attack at the Munich Olympics, and how he created his famous Run Walk Run training methodology which has helped millions of runners.
  • RunBuzz Running Podcast podcast

    RB155: Lani Woods - Obstacle Course Racer, Podcaster and American Ninja Warrior


    In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, I speak with obstacle course racer, American Ninja Warrior and podcaster, Lani Woods. Lani overcame a traumatic knee injury to come back as an American Ninja Warrior contestant on Season 13. We will dig into her past, about how she overcame such a tough injury at a Spartan race, and how she is helping bring endurance sports, and health and wellness to kids as well as the black community overall. Lani is cohost of the Black With Endurance podcast as well as the Unrelenting Humans podcast.
  • RunBuzz Running Podcast podcast

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  • RunBuzz Running Podcast podcast

    RB154: Building Self-Esteem and Confidence Through Running With Sandra Mikulic


    In this episode I speak with Sandra Mikulic, an amazing, inspiring women who has overcome challenges as a heavier runner as well as issues with self-esteem to become a confident runner who is stronger (and healthier) than ever.  In this episode we discuss the challenges she faced and how she used running as a key to overcome her mindset. You will not want to miss this one! Truly Inspiring!
  • RunBuzz Running Podcast podcast

    RB153: What Is Your Everest? Climbing The Seven Second Summits with Jenn Drummond


    In this episode, I speak with Jenn Drummond. As a busy mom of 7, Jenn is out to set a world record to be the first woman to climb all seven, second summits (the second tallest mountains in each of the seven continents). She is also climbing Mount Everest this May to prepare for the more challenging K2 summit later this Summer. In 2018, she was in a near-fatal accident that helped transform her life. Jenn's story is one of grit, perseverance and is inspiring to all who hear it. Jenn shares mindset tips and teaches us to find our "Everest" whatever that may be. She teaches us that what seems impossible is possible. So while not a traditional running episode, this episode applies to all of us, runner or not. Jenn has a background as a runner, Ironman finisher and loves the outdoors. 
  • RunBuzz Running Podcast podcast

    RB152: Running The Orient Express With Ultra-adventurer Gavin Boyter


    In this episode, I speak with ultra-adventurer Gavin Boyter. Gavin is the first person to run the Orient Express route across Europe. This 2300 mile historic train route runs through eight countries and connects Paris, France to Instanbul, Turkey. We discuss his running journey and his new book, Running The Orient. All this and more coming up on today's episode.
  • RunBuzz Running Podcast podcast

    RB151: Why I Am Scaling Back Run Coaching And The Future Of RunBuzz


    In this episode, I share why I am scaling back my run coaching business and why I am shutting down my PaceBuilders training program. (Don't worry, the podcast and community is not going away). I talk about some personal reasons that require me to step away as well as the future of RunBuzz. I also talk about the state of the running community and the impact it has had on my decision.
  • RunBuzz Running Podcast podcast

    RB150: Why Hips and Glutes Are Important To Running With Mallory Reynolds


    In this episode of the RunBuzz Running Podcast, I speak with certified fitness trainer Mallory Reynolds. Mallory and I discuss the importance of glute and hip muscles when it comes to running and everyday life. Mallory shares her top tips to activating and strengthening your glutes and hip muscles. For more information about the RunBuzz Running podcast, or to check out previous episodes, please check out or subscribe using your favorite podcast app.
  • RunBuzz Running Podcast podcast

    RB149: Intermittent Fasting With Serena Marie RD


    In this episode of the RunBuzz Running podcast, I speak with Registered Dietitian, Serena Marie about intermittent fasting. Serena has nutrition degrees from Cornell and Yale University and focuses on intuitive eating and sports performance. We discuss what is intermittent fasting and the science and research behind it. Does intermittent fasting work? Should you consider intermittent fasting? Serena shares her expertise on the topic and shares why intermittent fasting, despite the hype, isn't a magic weight loss technique.
  • RunBuzz Running Podcast podcast

    RB148: Running To Beat Multiple Sclerosis with Ashley Schneider - Founder of MS Run the US


    In this episode of the RunBuzz running podcast, I speak with Ashley Schneider from MS Run the US. In 2010, Ashley ran across the United States to raise money for MS research and to bring awareness to Multiple Sclerosis. We learn about Ashley's running journey and how she built MS Run the US to raise over 2.3 milllion dollars and discuss their annual Relay across America. She also shares some fundraising tips for those looking to raise money for charity organizations.
  • RunBuzz Running Podcast podcast

    RB147: "Listen-In Live" with Christine Gillingham (Live Coaching Call)


    In this episode of the RunBuzz podcast, I speak with a new PaceBuilders coaching client and RunBuzz community member, Christine Gillingham. Christine shares her running journey as well as we take you behind the scenes of a new client-onboarding session. Christine shares her running struggles with bursitis pain, heavy legs and fatigue and just an overall sense that her running is off. We unpack why that may be and I share a strategy for next steps. All this and more coming up.

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