Propaganda 2 podcast

Propaganda 2


What types of propaganda are used in the media, and what systems are they using against their own people

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  • Propaganda 2 podcast

    Propaganda is a poison that must be discarded.


    You must expand your perceptions, search for the truth yourself and do not believe everything that is published, because the sites have become a mixture between the good and the bad, so choose what you see as closer to the truth. Photo: #propaganda #PRSQU #Mass4025_Fall20
  • Propaganda 2 podcast

    Digital Propaganda


    The human mind is programmed by digital propaganda towards specific issues, so that it deals with the issue blindly and extremistically and stirs the emotions of public opinion without opening a free debate about what the issue is, this is what Trump @realDonaldTrump did to defend himself against the cases directed against him. Trumps voice: #PRSQU #Mass4025_Fall20 #Digital_propaganda
  • Propaganda 2 podcast

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  • Propaganda 2 podcast

    A historical tour of the three most popular uses of propaganda in the modern era.


    The First World War and how America was able to persuade the American people to go to war, and how it was able to win the Cold War by using propaganda without firing a single shot.
  • Propaganda 2 podcast

    Types of propaganda, and the regimes most propaganda used.


    Learn about the three types of propaganda, and why the democratic system known as neutrality uses democracy a lot. #PRSQU #Mass4025_Fall20 #propaganda
  • Propaganda 2 podcast



    Have you heard about the term propaganda before? This force that changed the course of wars, and which has become used in political dialogues, after you become that the war of ideas and words is more dangerous than the war of conventional weapons.

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