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Primordial Dao Present Dao


Welcome to Primordial Dao Present Dao. This is a long-form conversation style podcast about all-things Daoism. Our conversations and interviews will discuss ancient and modern Daoist wisdom teachings, universal understandings, seasonal longevity and healing traditions, spiritual practices, relationship guidance and profound insights on walking an authentic and meaningful path - however, you choose to your walk it. Michael Smith has been a formal student and practitioner of Daoism for 35 years. Dr. Smith has practiced and taught Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 25 years. Michael is passionate about sharing skills like Daoist meditation and Qi Gong with people suffering from chronic illness, trauma, and addiction. Alex Krueger is a student, practitioner and teacher of qi gong and internal martial arts. He is also passionate about moving beyond limitations and living life to the fullest. Presently, Alex is dedicated to deepening his understanding of Daoism, meditation and personal growth. We look forward to your comments and questions. Please rate and review!

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