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Are you a podcast listener who’s ready to become a podcast creator? This is the place to start! We’ve got tips, tools, and tons of inspiration for you to make a great podcast. Get the basics in ‘How to Make a Podcast’ and then follow along with episodes that will walk you through different types of podcasts and techniques. And for more resources, ask a parent or teacher to visit pinna.fm/PodcastersU. Weekly episodes starting June 6th. Looking for more inspiration to create your own podcast? Pinna has tons of exclusive original podcasts to help you get started on your podcasting journey. From fiction to fact-driven and interview-based to just a fun game to play along to, Pinna's library will be sure to spark your imagination. Head to pinna.fm to create your Pinna Full-Access account to start listening today! Or, you can subscribe to one of the Pinna channels right here on Apple Podcasts to get unlimited access to select kids podcasts.