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Vinny is a serial entrepreneur and technology investor originally from South Africa. He has led several successful investments across the crypto industry from Filecoin to Solana. Vinny co-founded and is now Chairman of the Board at Civic, a blockchain-based identity protection and management system. He is also a general partner at Multicoin Capital and Newtown Partners. Vinny previously founded the digital gift card platform, Gyft, which was acquired by First Data Corporation in 2014. He was a Shark on Shark Tank South Africa, a Dragon on Dragon’s Den South Africa, and an Angel in National Geographic’s Undercover Angel. Follow him on Twitter @VinnyLingham.

[2:18] - How Vinny’s interest in the internet sparked him to become a serial entrepreneur

[6:58] - Differences between starting a company inside and outside the US

[12:50] - Crypto-friendly jurisdictions

[15:01] - Comparing the early 2000’s internet boom to today’s crypto market

[18:12] - Vinny’s discovery of Bitcoin and thoughts on smart contract competition

[21:04] - Spotting industry-defining talent and "species changers"

[26:16] - The global emergence of talent and a more productive talent pool

[30:18] - The metaverse

[33:21] - The trend from centralization to decentralization over time

[34:57] - NFTs and ambiguity


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