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    BONUS: Computer Stories Of Moral Caution (feat. Rude Tales of Magic)


    Thank you for joining us for this bonus episode of Paired! We hope you enjoy this outing into the very real world. Paired will be back this fall!--This week's guests are the cast of Rude Tales of Magic. Rude Tales of Magic is a biweekly D&D podcast featuring artists, writers, and comedians from Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Marvel Comics, and more as they fight and fumble their way across the madcap, and exceedingly rude, fantasy wasteland of Cordelia.Cast includes: Tim Platt - Tim is a comedian, actor, and musician out of Brooklyn, NY. His stand up is a mix of characters, jokes, puppetry, and music. In 2019 he was selected as one of Comedy Central’s Up Next Variety Comedians at Clusterfest as well as a Kickstarter 2019 Creator-In-Residence. Along with being a cast member in the hit actual play podcast Rude Tales of Magic, Tim has written and performed music for Sesame Street, Comedy Central, The Story Pirates while also having appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and Masterclass with Steve Martin.Carly Monardo - Carly is an artist and performer living in Brooklyn, NY. She has over a decade of experience (despite being incredibly youthful) and has worked behind the scenes on such animated favorites as The Venture Bros., Steven Universe, and Blaze and the Monster Machines. She is the illustrator of the New York Times Bestseller, Stuff You Should Know: An Incomplete Compendium of Mostly Interesting Things. She also designed the Bird Team and illustrated the show opening for Adult Swim’s Birdgirl. Reader, she is married to Chris!Christopher Hastings - Christopher Hastings is a comics writer best known for creating The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, co-creating The Unbelievable Gwenpool, and adapting the NYT bestselling graphic novel, Five Nights at Freddys: The Twisted Ones. Christopher also voices Frederick de Bonesby for the narrative play podcast Rude Tales of MagicAli Fisher - Ali is an editor and performer from the Seattle area, currently living in Brooklyn. She's been studying and performing comedy in New York since 2011 and she reads like it's her job because it is! She works at Tor Books where she’s edited New York Times and USA Today bestselling fiction and nonfiction. She primarily edits science fiction, fantasy, horror, and humor.Branson Reese - Branson Reese is a Los Angeles based comedian and artist originally from the Washngton DC area. He is the DM for Rude Tales of Magic, creator of the award winning webcomic Swan Boy, and the author of Hell Was Full, currently available from Oni Press. He's a tall drink of water, easy on the eyes, and will never give up on the Baltimore Orioles.Joe Lepore - Joe is a comedian, writer, and director living in beautiful Brooklyn, New York. He was born and raised in Massachusetts, then came to New York for college and never left. When not recording cool podcasts, Joe can be seen performing with his sketch team The Nitro Girls every Friday at the Magnet Theater, and at comedy festivals all over the US & Canada. 
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    Season Three Finale: The Beginning's End


    Thank you for listening to the finale of Paired Season Three! We'll be back with Season Four after a nice long snooze cycle. In the meantime, make sure to leave us a review if you're enjoying the show - it really does help other listeners discover Paired! And keep an eye out for some very special episodes in the coming weeks on the Paired feed!Creator/Writer/Producer/'Patient' - Liz AndersonEditor/Composer - MJCover Art - Adrian TheumaTheme Music - Arne ParrotDr. Toretto - Sarah ShockeyNurse - Stephen KropaStephen Kropa is an actor, writer, and comedian living in Los Angeles. A journeyman of the TTRPG Podcast world he has appeared on countless programs such as NeoSum, AutoNomic, and multiple episodes of the OneShot Podcast Network.  He can currently be heard on the audio drama Blake Skye: Private Eye. For updates and to find out more please follow him on Twitter @KropaCabana.  
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    S3E16 - Emergency Dictation (feat. Jenn de la Vega)


    Thank you for listening to Paired Season Three! Make sure to leave us a review if you're enjoying the show - it really does help other listeners discover Paired!Creator/Writer/Producer/'Pairy' - Liz AndersonEditor/Composer - MJCover Art - Adrian TheumaTheme Music - Arne ParrotKelly - Jenn de la VegaJenn de la Vega is a community-oriented caterer based in Brooklyn, NY. She authored and styled Showdown: Comfort Food, Chili & BBQ (Page Street/MacMillan) and serves as editor at large of Put A Egg On It. Jenn has built a unique culinary practice mashing up experiential with visual art and food through residencies at TASTE Cooking (Penguin-Random House), Babycastles Gallery, and Kickstarter. Her kaleidoscopic recipes appear on Food52, Thrillist, Yummly, and Wine Enthusiast. Currently, she is developing Nicole Taylor's upcoming Watermelon & Red Birds (Simon & Schuster) and voices Vivian Lakewood on the Shadowrun podcast Fun City.This week's episode is brought to you by Fun City:Fun City is a fully sound designed and scored, narrative-driven actual play TTRPG podcast set in a futuristic New York City, where magic is real and the rent is still too damn high. The audience accompanies smooth talker Luxe, ork-jock Lash, mysterious retired boxer with a robot arm TK and everyone’s favorite water-witch elf aunt Vivian as they contract with the criminal underground and corporate overlords of NYC in 2101. The team navigates The Brooklyn Archipelago, Rebuilt Manhattan and the moral grey area they occupy as longtime friends and flat-mates working as professional criminals, catering to multiple bosses whose aims are sometimes mutually exclusive, all while trying to maintain their principles in a world where those are often readily sold to the highest bidder.Listen to Fun City wherever you get your podcasts and join the crew on their Patreon. 
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    S3E15 - Location Services (feat. The Broadswords)


    Thank you for listening to Paired Season Three! Make sure to leave us a review if you're enjoying the show - it really does help other listeners discover Paired!Creator/Writer/Producer/'Pairy' - Liz AndersonEditor/Composer - MJCover Art - Adrian TheumaTheme Music - Arne ParrotJess - Tracy GibbonsShane - Bee ZeldaRae - Victoria RogersKaye - Kristin Flemons Victoria Rogers is a social media witch living in SW Ontario, Canada. She is the producer and dungeon master for the award-winning podcast The Broadswords, and has produced several podcasting events for Dungeons and Dragons. You can find her in the kitchen cooking up a storm or making fruit wine.Bee Zelda is a performer on The Broadswords podcast, a & non-binary and women DnD 5e actual-play podcast. They are a regular TTRPG streamer and have produced a show on Roll20 called Indie Showcase. They can be found streaming on a variety of tabletop gaming channels. Tracy Gibbons is a performer on The Broadswords podcast, an all-woman & non-binary actual-play podcast, where she plays the character of Keilah. She hails from Toronto, Ontario, where she lives with her husband, two dogs, and two cats. She also enjoys powerlifting, horseback riding, skiing, and drumming. Kristin Flemons is one part healthcare researcher, one part games gremlin and ten parts dog parent, Kristin is holed up in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. She plays the insufferable wizard/witch Yllairies on the Broadswords. When not behind the microphone, she has been spotted orchestrating overly complicated baking projects and scrambling up snowy mountain sides. 
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    Interlude: A Short Walk


    Thank you listening to Paired Season Three!  Be sure to leave a review if you enjoyed this episode!--Credits:Creator/Writer/Producer - Liz AndersonEditor/Composer - MJCover Art - Adrian TheumaTheme Music - Arne Parrot
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    Paired Returns On Friday + Review Drive!


    Get your own message from Pairy! Send us proof of an Apple Podcasts or Podchaser review,  and you'll get a short personalized audio message from everyone's favorite digital assistant. Tag your reviews with #PairyForYou, #Pairy4You, or tag us on Twitter @PairedPod. Thank you in advance, it really does help!  See you on Friday!
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    S3E14 - Pitching Eddie's Phone (feat. Aaron Catano-Saez)


    Thank you for listening to Paired Season Three! Author's Note: Paired will be on a short hiatus for the next few weeks as we prepare for the last five episodes of Season Three. Make sure to leave us a review if you're enjoying the show - it really does help other listeners discover Paired!Creator/Writer/Producer/'Pairy' - Liz AndersonEditor/Composer - MJCover Art - Adrian TheumaTheme Music - Arne ParrotEddie - Aaron Catano-SaezAaron Catano-Saez is a Brooklyn-based voice actor, podcaster, and South Jersey Enthusiast. He is co-creator of the All My Fantasy Children podcast and a cast member on the all-ages actual play podcast, Skyjacks: Courier's Call. Listen to his demo and hire him for all of your VO needs!
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    S3E13 - Scanning 517 Fairweather Avenue (feat. Jonathan Sims & James D'Amato)


    Thank you for listening to Paired Season Three! Creator/Writer/Producer/'Pairy' - Liz AndersonEditor/Composer - MJCover Art - Adrian TheumaTheme Music - Arne ParrotDerek - Jonathan SimsThomas - James D'AmatoJonathan Sims is a writer, performer and games designer whose work primarily focuses on the macabre, the grotesque, and the gentle touch of creeping dread. He is the mind and the voice behind acclaimed horror podcast The Magnus Archives, as well as story-game design duo MacGuffin & Co., and some of your favourite nightmares. He lives in Walthamstow with the two best cats and an overwhelming backlog of books that he really should get round to.James D'Amato hosts the One Shot and Campaign: Skyjacks podcasts on the One Shot Podcast Network. He is also the author of the Ultimate RPG Guide series by Admas Media. His latest book The Ultimate RPG Gamemaster's Worldbuilding Guide coming out in May, which is available for pre-order now.
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    S3E12 - News Alert On Erika's Phone (feat. Symphony Sanders)


    Thank you for listening to Paired Season Three! Creator/Writer/Producer/'Pairy' - Liz AndersonErika - Symphony SandersEditor/Composer - MJCover Art - Adrian TheumaTheme Music - Arne ParrotSymphony Sanders is a Chicago based actor who voices Tamika Flynn on the podcast Welcome to Nightvale, cohosts Good Morning Nightvale, as well as being featured in numerous other podcasts (Unwell, Our Fair City, Pounded in the butt by my podcast , etc) and done regional theatre around Chicago (Chicago Shakespeare, The Goodman , raven theatre etc) when not acting or podcasting she is an aerialist and fitness instructor!
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    S3E11 - Freshening Up Washroom Speaker #2 (feat. Julia Morizawa)


    Revisiting dreams past between courses. ---Thank you for listening to Paired Season Three! Creator/Writer/Producer/'Pairy' - Liz AndersonClem - Julia Morizawa Editor/Composer - MJCover Art - Adrian TheumaTheme Music - Arne ParrotIn the world of fiction podcasting, Julia Morizawa is best known as the voice of Dr. Bright in “The Bright Sessions” and its spin-off series, “The AM Archives.” She can be heard in a number of other audio dramas including “The Amelia Project,” “The Big Loop,” “Wolf 359,” “Eos 10,” “Super Ordinary,” and more! Her first podcast as a writer/producer, “American Comedy Horror Story” (a scripted comedy/horror show about orphaned children, death, and the 1890s) is available on most podcast apps. Julia even achieved a Bucket List item when she made an appearance in a live show of “Hello from the Magic Tavern.” Otherwise, Julia is an actor/writer/producer and script analyst. More about that can be found at 

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