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Broadcasting from the burning edge of the climate crisis. We're a comedy podcast.

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    94 — Darryl Kerrigan would be concerned about franking credits


    News Corp say they believe in climate change now. Don't take their word for it. We also discuss whether buying billboards is effective climate activism.     News Corp are climate activists? News Corp are running a two-week campaign called “Mission Zero”. Joe Hildebrand is fronting the campaign. Their tabloids ran with “Green and Gold” on their front pages. McLean’s deep dive into News Corp’s ongoing climate denial and pushing of gas. The News Corp writeup of solar panels is just as bad. A part of the their other “Green” coverage, News Corp ran a hit piece on renewables, an exclusive with Gina Rinehart, and a puff piece on Twiggy Forrest. Andrew Bolt is big mad (or plays the heel at least). Ketan Joshi on the whole News Corp package. Labor can’t deny Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen gave a wild speech to launch the Climate of the Nation Report. Victoria Labor is also shit, voting down a Green party bill to prevent drilling for gas near the Twelve Apostles. School struck for climate Carn the kids! The School Strike for Climate’s demands. JokeKeeper ha ha A Rational Fear podcast. The Jokekeeper fundraiser. Running billboards in Times Square. A Rational Fear had Joe Hildebrand on to continue whitewashing News Corp. McLean’s analysis of the episode. Shoutouts Shoutout to the AFL Players for Climate Action!
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    93 — And I quote


    Gina Rinehart has terminal facebook brain, the nationals want to keep digging coal long after capital decides it's a bad idea, and we answer a listener question.   Upholding titles Police have recognised Traditional Owners’ rights to practise culture on the land where the Adani mine is being built. Facebook brain Gina Rinehart made a totally cooked climate-denying speech to schoolchildren. Holding the Australian swim team hostage to wish you happy birthday. Cooking the planet Nationals MP Keith Pitt has proposed that the government establish a $250 billion fund for fossil industries. The Business Council of Australia has released a plan to for Australia to reduce emissions. Angus Taylor hates it. In 2018 the Business Council called 45% emissions reductions “economy wrecking”. Sussan Ley just keeps on approving coal mines, neglecting her duty of care. Actions Got a question? Send us an email! Get involved in something real! Don’t get burned out.
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    92 — Ms. Deeds


    Girlbosses are doing it (high level corruption) for themselves.   Bishop to Lithium Former Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop put on a big pink frock. Don’t miss the bedazzled safety glasses and tiara hardhat. In the 1980’s Bishop worked as a lawyer defending an asbestos producer from worker compensation claims. Big talk Rowe Vanity podcaster Jessica Rowe had Pauline Hanson on her show. Chameleonic racist and fraudster Pauline Hanson was instrumental in the destruction of the family court in Australia. After posting the link, Rowe made a notes app statement. Tracy Spicer’s #metoo activism organisation collapsed under mismanagement and inexperience. Bez on wasting time educating folk playing dumb. F in the chat for Gladys ICAC is investigating Gladys Berejeklian over her relationship with former MP Daryl Macguire. Gladys on the FT Power Issue. Daryl Macguire destroyed his iPad with a tractor. Gladys is now dating her ICAC lawyer?? She’s also just outright admitted to pork barrelling. Malcolm Turnbull’s grandson says Gladyskanda forever. The media are so sad that Gladys is gone. The Australian calls ICAC a “lynch mob”, the Daily Mail says she was “knifed by unelected lawyers”. In 2020, the media defended Gladys as unlucky in love. NSW has not seen a Premier serve a full term since 2003. Even left-leaning media like Crikey can’t help themselves: “Gladys Berejiklian — a glittering career undone by two disastrous misjudgments”. Progressives just see Gladys as being pushed off the glass cliff. Actions Sign the petition to get gender affirming surgery into Medicare.
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    91 — Lisa vs. Lockdown (feat. Lisa Dib)


    Hi-vis rallies: cool, cooked or complicated? Let's find out together.   Jeffrey Combs appreciation Watch Jeffrey Combs in the Frighteners. Treat denial Delivery workers at StarTrack and FedEx have struck for safer conditions. Workers from Cadbury and Accolade Wines have also struck for better pay. Hi-vis rallies Massive rallies in Melbourne started as legitimate CMFEU worker complaints. …but were infiltrated by right-wing agitators. And cheered on by “citizen journalists”. CMFEU boss John Setka has been accused of domestic violence. I Don’t Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People. Conservatism is fundamentally aligned with anti-vax sentiment. Tuesday saw protesters going on a long walk around Melbourne, and up the Westgate Bridge. This video of the Australian Army band playing Rage Against the Machine is psychic damage. On Wednesday, chaos and cookers were in control. Interesting side note: the Shrine of Remembrance was built under a work-for-the-dole program. The rest of the week featured cop violence, black-bagging and intimidation. At the 2019 IMARC protests, police a rode horse through a crowd, crushing a protestor’s legs. Shoutouts Shoutout to the cool teens who are running one of the best COVID stats sites on Twitter. Support them on Patreon. Follow Lisa on Twitter! Listen to the Reanimates podcast for a nice time. Listen to Lang on Reanimates.
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    90 — AUKUS malorkus


    We have a lot to say about submarines. Also, shutting down public transport to stop a protest: Sensible tactic to calm things down or bad idea that'll just make things worse? If only I were writing this several days in the future and could see what would happen on Monday and Tuesday.   Three large sons Australia has entered a new military pact with the US & UK to build a couple of new submarines. It’s pronounced “Orcus”. We wasted billions of dollars on the Collins class Submarines. No one remembers Scott Morrison’s name. Scott Morrison called French President Macron the night before the contract was announced. They’re pissed now. France is a major provider of military contracts in Australia. Nationals MP Matt Canavan is already trying to pivot this into a push for nuclear power. The move has also pissed off Indonesia, who canceled a planned visit between President Widodo and Scott Morrison. Australia’s very clever defense policy. Greens leader Adam Bandt called the submarines “floating Chernobyls”. Correction: Lang states that Matt Damon was in Pearl Harbor. This is a common mistake; he was thinking of Jon Voight. Top of the cops Police shut down Melbourne’s public transport to put a damper on anti-lockdown protests. The protests still happened. Construction workers also protested the shutting down of tea rooms. The University sector has lost 40,000 jobs since the pandemic started. Shoutouts Shoutouts to Joel Fitzgibbon, who is not recontesting the next election in Hunter, but has been highly effective at saying the quiet part loud.  
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    89 — Do they know it‘s Cringemas? (feat. Lyndal Rowlands)


    We're joined by climate journalist Lyndal Rowlands to discuss New Corp's two-week admission that climate change exists. Then we dig into reality show The Activist, and the weird people behind it.   Toot toot! Get on the Drilled Bus! The Drilled Podcast. Not Good Enough Episode 77: Care of Duty: Modern Lawfare Toot toot! Get on the Vaccine Bus! Jabba the Bus is coming for you. What works to Increase Vaccine Uptake (pdf link) Zero day News Corp have said they’ll “champion net zero emissions” (for two weeks). This follows a senate inquiry into the Sky News Covid falsities that led to their channel being suspended from Youtube. News Corp is responsible for some of the worst climate misinfo in the world. The package will be led by Joe Hildebrand. But don’t worry, regular commentators like Andrew Bolt won’t be “muzzled”. Net zero isn’t the same as real zero. Greta Thunberg calls for real zero. Santos is just a friend to coffee shops. Activism, but make it very dumb In reality show The Activist, Usher and Nick Jonas’s wife will judge contestants on how good they make solving the world’s problems sound. The show is produced in partnership with advocacy group Global Citizen, which was founded by Hugh Evans, the “Melbourne man with A-listers on speed dial”. Global Citizen specializes in running benefit concerts, to dubious effect. Australia is finally supporting the TRIPs waiver for COVID vaccines. The Gates foundation has long opposed any kind of weakening of intellectual property restrictions for vaccines. Actions Listen to Drilled. If you’re in the Future: Listen to Damages! Follow Lyndal on Twitter!
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    8* — The Fifth Element is coal


    The LNP want to give you a school chaplain to sooth your worries about climate change, and we discuss whether you can ever get away with a "BUT" after "death is horrible".   Banning Nazi stuff Victoria is banning swastikas and other Nazi symbols. IPA alumni Tim Wilson became Human Rights Commissioner, and then helped them out. Preaching to the choir Worried about climate change? It’s okay, two Liberal Ministers are proposing more school chaplains to help!. Luke Howard is all about school chaplains. He pushed for more funding in 2018 too. As housing minister he said he wanted to put a “positive spin” on homelessness. Maybe if you’re feeling bad, you can do some mindfulness with the Labor Party coloring book. Barnaby Joyce doesn’t want to denounce satan? Also he doesn’t think climate change is real. Covid zone “Death is horrible, BUT” “There’ll be funerals, BUT you’ll be able to go to them!” Hospital systems are critically overloaded in Victoria in NSW. Bunnings is calling it, and reopening their stores.
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    87 — Beetaloo Advocate


    JobSeeker was a massive corporate handout, Tasmanian Liberals don't want to frighten the kids, and the government gives millions of dollars to gas miners (with Labor's help).   Politics of envy The 2020 JobSeeker program handed out millions of dollars to prop up record corporate profits. Scott Morrison is “not into the politics of envy”. Independent MP Rex Patrick pushed for a bill to force companies to reveal information showing if they really needed the Jobkeeper grants. Labor backed down. Jaquie Lambie accused the Labor party of “slapping the little person”. Don’t frighten the children! The Tasmanian Liberals voted down declaring a climate emergency, saying it was “scaring the children”. Flooding the sub-basin in cash The Liberal party have granted $50 million for gas exploration in the Beetaloo Basin. Two of the companies funded have links to tax havens and Russian oligarchs. The third company, Empire Energy, received $21m. Empire Energy has close ties with the Liberals. Complained the the grant process was corrupt, but still voted to allow it. Traditional owners were cut out of the grant processes. Meanwhile, in the private sector BHP is slashing value from it’s coal assets. Origin Energy is trying to get out of coal. Angus Taylor’s “CoalKeeper” plan is going to increase electricity prices by $400 per household, per year. For the first time, Australia generated more solar energy than coal. Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology has been gagged from talking about climate change. Shoutouts Support the fundraiser for Beyond Bricks and Bars — a trans and gender diverse decarceration project. Solidarity with the truck drivers striking against uberisation of the industry.
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    86 — Might as well face it, you're addicted to soup


    The cops shut down food banks, people are snitching on kids, and everyone is at breaking point. Also Australia abandons Afghan people.   Bad times… Police are helping by shutting down food banks. In South Australia, the DHS chief executive is trying to shut down a communist soup kitchen. …vulnerable people Massive lockdown protests in Melbourne and Sydney over the weekend. Tom Tanki’s coverage of the lockdown protests is excellent. White supremacists are using the protests as a recruiting ground. Give parents a break Playgrounds have been closed in Victoria. Childcare has been shut down for all except essential workers. During the 2020 lockdown, childcare was made free. Stop snitching on kids. VCAT fucked it The eviction moratorium is over, and now landlords can kick people out of their homes in advance of October 25th. The Real Estate Institute is out there to defends the landlords though. Abandoning Afghanistan Coalition troops have pulled out out Afghanistan, and the situation is bad. Canada and the UK are taking 20,000 Afghan refugees. Scott Morrison says that no Afghan will be permanently settled in Australia, unless they come the “right way”. Peter Dutton says Afghan people might be Taliban now, so they won’t be welcome in Australia. After the Vietnam war, Australia took in 55,000 Vietnamese people. Even Tony Abbot took in 12,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Actions You can have a look at my game if you like :)
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    85 — Have you tried shooting the fire?


    NSW is LITERALLY at war the with virus. We discuss the IPCC report and what to do about it.   It’s WAR It’s WAR! NSW is LITERALLY at WAR with the virus. Berejiklian has said that the police will receive more power and resources than they “needs and want”. Oh dear I left the gas on The 6th IPCC report into the effects of climate change has been released. It’s saying mostly what we knew already, just more so. Deconstructed podcast on the IPCC report. Even the International Energy Agency say we must build no new fossil fuel energy. Scott Morrison has made no commitment to net zero emissions. Angus Tayor has made changes that allow fossil fuels to be funded by the renewable energy fund. And increased funding by using tricky methods that only apply to gas or coal. Taylor has also interfered in energy company board structures to keep Australian energy away from clean sources. Barnaby Joyce doesn’t know who’s going to come up with a plan for an energy transition. Strong opposition QLD Labor Environment Minister: “match the Palaszczuk Government’s investment in renewable energy, water quality and land restoration” (bad) WA Labor approved massive new gas projects. VIC Labor Environment Minister: “We need to act on climate change. Quickly and decisively.” (but gas drilling a okay) While… the ALP pledged to re-open Callide Power Station (which exploded) Hot takes Oil execs posting their Ls. Lawyers posting their horrible Ls. The idea of a “carbon footprint” was created by the fossil industry to push blame away from themselves. 100 companies are responsible for 71% of emissions. Actions Read Heated Listen to Drilled Follow Ketan Joshi Read Warmth by Daniel Sherrell. Change your bank and super. It’s really easy. Join your union. Push them to take action. Environmentalist Bill McKibben: “Don’t be an individual…” Call and write your MPs. The lower-level, the better. Donate or volunteer at green orgs. Tomorrow Movement, Friends of the Earth, 350, Stop Adani. Speak up, don’t pull punches.    

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