No More Whoppers podcast

No More Whoppers

Ray Barnholt and Alex Fraioli

No More Whoppers is a podcast about two best friends trying to get to sleep at a sleepover.

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  • No More Whoppers podcast

    214: Good Golly Miss Malroth


    Storm's a-brewin', but it's just NMW, so it's more like a gust of air. This time, we discuss the fallout of the FFIV pixel kerfuffle; Al goes chair shopping; fever dreams on tape; plenty more on creative struggles; getting gaga for SaGa, and tracking true crime! This podcast must be inserted 1/2 to 3/4 inside the nostril and rubbed in a circular motion at least four times.
  • No More Whoppers podcast

    213: Bonnie Wraith


    We're on shore leave and in your neighborhood! This week, drink food copy right out of the gate; a brief exploration of sugar; unexpected Twitch guests; the games of summer; revisiting the biggest box office hit of 1994; the pipe dream of making Partner; Sega Picross... on Nintendo?!; Alex bounces immediately off of a particular indie RPG; a whole heap of game design talk; Spider-Man: No Way From Homecoming; Alex Kidd in AR World; adequate beer garden meat; heated quibbling over pixels, and a couple of fans who literally phoned it in! Our house dressing is now FDA-approved in all 50 states!
  • No More Whoppers podcast

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  • No More Whoppers podcast

    212: Behind the English Box


    What kind of japes are you in for this time? Well, we've finally found a third subject to talk about on this show: "wacky foreigner" characters from Japan! The classic "Mr. James" returns, but first, livestream updates; Big Desk Update; a barbed argument about Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters; Al's awkward voice over encounters; Olympic music fails; how's that Crayon Shin-Chan summer vacation anyway? And how's Alex going to blow his tax money? This podcast is like having a portable *radio!*
  • No More Whoppers podcast

    211: Truck Can Be Stakes


    Lengthy podcasts in your area! This week, stimulant discussion as we hunt for raw, unadulterated Pepsi; Discord discourse; Atsugiri Jason update 2021; booze returns to Critical Hit as Japan continues to deal with COVID; newly unearthed footage from the film "The Super Mario Brothers"; wrapping up the energy desert we call E3; getting into Intergrade; box quotes of days yore; Ray explodes on Twitch; exploring more Japanese commercials of the 90s; microphone etiquette cont'd, and movie tropes condemned! No shoes in the dojo!
  • No More Whoppers podcast

    210: Bluegrass Slow


    Fortune finds you with a gift of a new ep! You get a big helping of chat about bank-like marriage; movin' moms; streamin' Rays; RE Eightage; and of course, our report on the recent Dragon Quest 35th anniversary announcements (and any other game related to it, for some reason), plus phone calls akimbo! This podcast is free with verified photo of receipt of any five (5) Combos products.
  • No More Whoppers podcast

    209: Deep Dishcount


    We're half vaxed and fully taxed! This week, finally, a new rig; Alex steams over a Steam SaGa saga; Ray perfects his personal computing space; adventures in vaccination; Japan still pluggin' away at those Olympics; stimulus ups and downs; Ray's tax hiccups; Resident Evil Fo(u)r VR; where do visuals go from here?!; Alex's semantic linguistic meltdowns; exploring the Reminiscence Method; radio comes alive!; making games playable in 2021; Phone Phun: Awkward Memories Edition; one final Retro Achievements vent, and the boundaries of romhacks! This podcast is a real threat in the muktuk-eating contest!
  • No More Whoppers podcast

    208: Loto's Day Out


    From our mouth to yours, it's the latest in Whopperisms! We're both changing computers and soundboards, which is just one of our problems; we updated our merch?! (Mostly just stickers, buy some stickers); wresting an old Twitter from the hands of criminals; tales of two convenience stores; just give Alex a business receipt; loving livestreaming, hence all the complaining; a moment to learn about animal fat; failing the gifted class, and a certain caller exposed! This podcast don't know from Adam.
  • No More Whoppers podcast

    207: Answer Collation


    Coming at you live from the NoMoWo Dawgg Ppoundd! This week, a bevy of news from 7-11; Alex stumbles on stimulus; an echo from SCROLL history; Problematic Fighter II; FFXIV or Perfect Strangers?; Phone Fun; Bravely Defaulting yet again; making the (inter)grade with FFVII; an eleventh hour dream corner, and a fifth-installment wish list! This podcast is part of your process!
  • No More Whoppers podcast

    206: Captain Natsuyasumi


    No one is safe from this almost-three-hour chat-em-up! Lots to discuss, including Ray's new podbunker; a Fraioli DNA update; moving trucks and eating sammies; Ray attains Sega enlightenment; Alex cozies up to the town of Gero; why Mario Kart is like bread; Shin-chan's summer has got Ray's number; and in FFXIV, what happened to my gold!? Plus half a dozen bit-tastic voicemails. This podcast has been deleted by a moderator.
  • No More Whoppers podcast

    205: Chime Off


    2021, year of the aux cable! This week, a return to stately Barnholt Manor; musings on the legume father and podcast theme songs; Ray’s big move and the dream of the recording room; Alex wrestles with Lawson; the dregs of FFXIV discord; fast-trackin’ some edumacation; a single shining voice mail in the night, and Alex discusses sobriety one year in! You may exchange this podcast for one of equal or lesser value!

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