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Miguel A. Martínez, "Research Handbook on Urban Sociology" (Edward Elgar, 2024)

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15 Sekunden vorwärts
Emphasising the social, critical and situated dimensions of the urban, this comprehensive Research Handbook presents a unique collection of theoretical and empirical perspectives on urban sociology. Bringing together expert contributors from across the world, it provides a rich overview and research agenda for contemporary urban sociological scholarship. Chapters highlight the macro-historical context of the urban, and conduct a critical and reflexive review of mainstream theories and concepts. They examine key debates in urban sociology, analysing varied approaches to gentrification, neighbourhood effects, race and gender. Looking beyond the dominant anglophone academic sphere, contributors explore case studies from diverse world regions and local settings. Ultimately, the Research Handbook clarifies and advances the wide range of contemporary sociological approaches to urban studies.  The Research Handbook on Urban Sociology (Edward Elgar, 2024) will prove to be a vital read for researchers and students across sociology, geography, anthropology, urban planning and design, economics and political science. It will also be of great benefit to practitioners and policy-makers seeking to better understand the urban space. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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